15 beauty hacks that will save your life

From hair to makeup, there are always going to be shortcuts that will help you save time and get that magazine-model look. These hacks or shortcuts can make you look like you spent hours in the bathroom while, in reality, you may only have spent a few minutes.

Not every beautiful woman in the world spends hours getting ready every morning.

I have collected a list of 15 beauty hacks that are easy, inexpensive and, best of all, very effective.

  1. Having trouble with your perfect winged eyeliner? Try aligning a credit card with your lower lash line and use that to make a perfect wing.

  2. Small lips? Don’t worry, just add some peppermint oil in your lip gloss to plump them up. This is a natural and effective way to make your lips bigger that won’t leave you looking like Kylie Jenner.

  3. If you want to create the illusion of having longer, fuller lashes, just add some baby powder to your lashes with a q-tip before applying mascara.

  4. Waking up with a puffy face is the worst, so why not get rid of that? Try sleeping on two pillows. This will help drain the fluid from your face.

  5. If you stayed out too late, here is an easy way to actually cover those dark bags in a flash – apply concealer in a triangle shape, instead of dotting it in a line.  It will perfectly cover up those circles and give you a fresh, wide-awake look.

  6. Instantly make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner rim (also known as the waterline) of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. Not only will this trick brighten your eyes, but it’ll also make you look wide-eyed.

  7. Are you having trouble getting all that eye makeup off? Baby oil will do the trick! I personally think it works better then any makeup remover on the market.

  8. After you have applied your chosen lip color, just hold a tissue over your lips lightly and dust just a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

  9. For those times where you make last minute plans and you have to do your nails at home and don’t want to wait for them to dry, just dip them in some ice water. This will set the polish, drying it instantly.

  10. We all have those nights where we don’t feel like washing our hair because then we would have to dry and style it afterwards and, let’s be real, nobody has time for that. To solve this problem, spritz your roots with some dry shampoo to soak up the oils.

  11. For better hold, spray your bobby pins with dry shampoo or hairspray before using them.

“My favorite one of these hacks is spraying bobby pins with hairspray for better hold. I use it all the time!”says freshman Cherlean Darko.

  1. On those mornings when your brows just won’t stay down, use some hairspray to set them in place.

  2. STOP RIGHT THERE! Do not throw out that old mascara brush! Use it to brush out and apply color to your brows.

  3. To get rid of sweat stains, squeeze some lemon juice onto them before putting the clothes in the wash

  4. If curling your hair takes too much time, tie your hair in a loose, low braid before bed for mermaid waves in the morning. If you have thin hair, don’t tie the braid too tight. A loose braid will give you softer, less obvious waves.

I hope these hacks gave you some ideas! Which one do you think you are going to try first?

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