10 budget buys for the holidays for men

by MATT GORDON Editor-in-chief

The holidays are right around the corner and finding the perfect low-budget gift for the men in your life may not be as easy as it seems to be. Here are 10 perfect gifts for guys that are highly acclaimed and easy on your wallet:

10. Slippers- Anyone would enjoy a comfy pair of warm slippers for the cold winter months. As many slippers go for less then $30, this is the perfect gift for any guy in your life. Zappos is a great website to find cheap and comfy slippers.

9. Phone case- A stylish, personal phone case can fit any guy’s personality and interests. For under $20, you can buy a sturdy phone case decorated with a favorite sports team or pop culture icon. There are lots of low-budget phone cases at Wireless Emporium

8. Cologne- Does the special man in your life have a particular annoying odor? Well you can fix all of your smelly issues with some cheap cologne! Now this may sound like a bad idea, but many good smelling colognes actually range in price from $30 to $50. Macy’s is a reliable place to buy cologne.

7. Gift cards- There comes a point in Christmas shopping where you get stumped and just want to find an easy way out of not getting your man a fruitcake. This is where gift cards come in! A gift card to his favorite store is the perfect stocking-stuffer, and sure to bring a smile to his face. Giftcards.com has every gift card you can think of.

6. Hats- A nice hat is always appreciated, especially one of their favorite sports team. It is an easy, cheap gift that will show how much you care about him. Lids has every hat a man could want.

5. Gloves- Keep his hands nice and warm during the cold January days with a nice pair of gloves. Even the nicest gloves go for under $50, so a good pair of gloves is an easy gift to give. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a great place to find warm gloves for men.

4. Sweatshirts- Perfect for working out or hanging around the house, a warm sweatshirt is all a man needs to feel loved this holiday season. For around $25, this is a cheap gift that gives a huge bang for your buck. There are lots of stylish sweatshirts at Zumiez

3. Food- What guy does not enjoy a huge bag of his favorite snacks and treats? Easy to put together and extremely cheap to buy, winter snacks like kettle corn and candy canes will bring an immediate smile to his face. Give the gift of candy at Candy Warehouse

2. Favorite book- Have him curl up with a good book for the holiday break! A bestseller easily goes for under $20 and he could be a part of the buzz going around about many of today’s hottest books. Barnes and Noble carries every book you could possibly wish for.

1. Headphones- Give him the gift of music! This year’s hottest headphones are a great gift for your man and many go for under $30. Amazon is a great place for cheap headphones.

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