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The Literary Magazine Club Project

by JASON AQUINO Staff Writer

The Literary Magazine Club, held every other Thursday in room G345, allows students to share their poetry and other pieces of art and submit it into a literary magazine. Mr. Joseph Rooney, the Literary Magazine Club adviser, gives students the chance to showcase their talents by placing their artwork in the magazine. Junior Alex Alicea said, “I believe that this magazine lets people express themselves more.” Alicea says that the Literary Magazine lets students put their artwork on display “for all ages to see”. The meeting starts by having club members show various pieces of art to each other. These include different paintings, poems, short stories, and sketches. After the members share their art, they begin to set up the template of the magazine for each piece of art that is being submitted. Freshman Nicole Farganis said, “I think the goal is to entice teens into a clean, eye-catching magazine that is full of information on the lives or ideas of normal teens or high school students today.” Literary Magazine Club members hope to create a magazine full of happier pieces of art, especially if they do not have enough art to submit altogether. Mr. Rooney said, “We have to figure out what we want to be published, and what we don’t want to be published. We need a wide range of material, but we also need to publish something more innovative instead of the stereotypical teenage love poems.” The Literary Magazine Club can take any type of artwork as long as it is appropriate for students to observe. This is the only rule for a student that wants to submit artwork. Farganis continues to write poetry for the club, and is deciding whether or not to submit one of her poems in the magazine. Alicea is currently writing a rap that he may decide to submit into the magazine as well. Another goal Literary Magazine Club members have is to make the club itself larger by recruiting more artistic students. Students invited to club meetings will be given the opportunity to express their personality, as well as  artistic ability, through their artwork. The magazine is not complete due to the lack of enough artwork. Anyone who wants their work to be seen in the magazine must meet with Mr. Rooney in room G345 and get his approval before April 26.

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