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Taking Graphic Design at MTHS

Monroe Township high school offers a variety of rewarding electives, whether it be science related, art related or anything else you can imagine. One of these classes is Graphic Design one, two and three run by Ms. Singer and Ms. Burkle. Graphic Design one focuses on visual communication, theory, layout, elements and principles of design, and introduces students to the world of design. When taking this class you will explore tons of software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. These are programs you will use tons later in life if you choose a career around graphic designing. Each Graphic Design course will teach students different designing skills and supplies them with preparation for a Graphic Designing

job later in life especially two and three where you will learn more about the world of design and tapping into your artistic creativity. Students taking this course have voiced how rewarding and fun this class can be, “Maybe graphic design is my passion” Graphic Design two student, Sofia Marretta states after working on a business card project, a project where students create an intriguing and creative business card for themselves or a made up business by using Adobe Indesign. This class teaches its students a plethora of skills they can use in their own designs. Throughout each year of this class you will get to use more adobe programs and create more amusing projects and art.

Graphic Design student working on a business card project in Adobe InDesign

While this class is based around art, it also heavily focuses on computers. When taking this class you learn valuable technology skills such as, typography, web design and troubleshooting while using a computer to create art. Majority of students taking their second year of Graphic Design collectively agree the environment of this class is the most enjoyable part about it. When taking Ms. Singers class, she creates a comfortable environment for students to learn. They enjoy the relaxing time to listen to music and work on their individual projects with no feeling of rush or stress. Some of these projects include holidays themed ones, no one wants to do piles of work around the holidays and this class offers entertaining, creative assignments like holiday cards, wrapping paper designs and Halloween poster designs during these days all across Graphic Design one, two and three. This class is one of Monroe Township's best elective courses for creative students to take, especially if you start early and get a chance to take all three courses.

Holiday themed project

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