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Student Council Organizes Time Capsule in Recognition of COVID-19 Pandemic

While store shelves are being wiped clean of produce and hand sanitizer, it is difficult to truly comprehend the impact that the current Covid-19 pandemic will have on younger generations. As of right now, hundreds are being laid off their jobs and many are struggling to adjust to new societal norms of staying 6 feet apart and even wearing face masks in public settings. It is likely the first time people have had to learn online, get their groceries delivered to their home, stay in quarantine via government orders, or even genuinely worry for their lives due to the current status of the world.

Little do we realize, however, that what we are living through today will eventually make its way into history textbooks in the future. The pandemic has brought many firsts for people mainly because so many have never had to live through anything like this before and while people are eager to get back to how life was before the pandemic, it is equally important to remember our lives during the pandemic. 

An easy way to do this is to take pictures and videos or write in a journal, but the Student Council of Monroe Township High School has decided to put together a time capsule to remember this time period of our lives. Time capsules are created to remember a certain time of someone’s life and often include memorabilia of that specific time. The capsule is then opened again in a number of years determined by the owner who can then reflect on not only how much their life may have changed since creating the capsule, but also remember the time of their life in which the capsule was created to remember.

The Student Council has initiated this project in hopes that future generations of MTHS Falcons will be able to uncover the documents inside the capsule and be able to understand the chaotic, yet unique period of our lives during the spread of Covid-19. 

Student Council member, Sruti Pabba shares, “This virus has a huge impact on the world today. Why not do a time capsule and tell the future generations what we did as a community? This time capsule is a type of evidence for the future.” 

Students are invited to submit items to be included in the capsule. This can be anything from a letter or a poem to a song or piece of artwork. It is, however, asked of participants to keep any written material to one page of typed text and for artwork to be smaller or up to 8x11 inches. As always, all work should remain school appropriate as the contents of the capsule will be opened by MTHS students. 

Feel free to get creative with whatever you choose to create and be sure to hand it in to the Student Council advisor, Ms. Schwartz, by May 7th, 2020. She can be reached at her email: This is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself during such troubling times and be a part of an interactive, school-wide project. The Student Council is excited to see your submissions and bring this project together soon! 

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