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Sing your heart out while supporting charity

FBLA hosted Karaoke For A Cause in the commons on Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm to raise money for FBLA and March of Dimes.

Participants were able to sing any song they wanted, though one of the more popular songs chosen was “Shake It Off”.

The event cost five dollars per person if pre-registered online, and seven dollars if paid at the door.

Refreshments and snacks were offered, and door prizes were awarded. A portion of the proceeds went to March of Dimes, while the rest of the funds went to FBLA to continue running events like this one.

The March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization that helps women and babies all across the country with premature births and complications, regardless of age, socio-economic background, or demographic.

The organization was founded in 1938 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help cure polio. Once a cure for polio was found, the group shifted its focus to pregnancy, premature birth, birth defects and infant deaths.

“I think it’s great [FBLA is] supporting premature births in women. Thousands of infants die each year and it’s upsetting to think that all these lives have been lost to birth. Our contribution may look small, but it’s the best we can do to get one step closer to less death for women and babies in the U.S.,” said freshman Shriya Singh.

March of Dimes achieves its purpose through the organization of activities around the country. The money raised goes into one of five categories: medical research, education of pregnant women, community programs, government advocacy, and support of pregnant women and mothers.

March of Dimes also provides women and their families with resources for their baby’s health, the mom’s pregnancy, preconception, and new motherhood.

Recently, March of Dimes’ research money, which comes from events like this one, was able to find a gene in women that could influence the length and timing of birth.

FBLA has been one of March of Dimes’ largest youth supporters, bringing in over $15 million over the last 40 years.

FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America, is an organization that aims to bring business and education together through innovative leadership and career development programs. FBLA members focus on leadership development, academic competitions, educational programs, membership benefits, community service, and awards & recognition.

FBLA’s academic competitions recognize and reward the excellence of members in a broad range of business and career-related areas. State-based competition in State Leadership Conferences allows members to compete in events that test their business knowledge and skills.

Fundraising and public interest is an extremely important part of business these days. Practicing these skills in a school environment gives FBLA members a great chance to develop their skills before heading into the real world.

“Singing with friends, all while helping a charity it a win-win situation for everyone,” said freshman Veronica Halim.

What do you think about FBLA supporting March of Dimes? What charity would you support? Why?

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