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Queen of the Moon


Kerli Kõiv, better known as Kerli, is an up-and-coming recording artist from Estonia. She was first introduced to music by her kindergarten teacher, who told her mother that Kerli had “nice pitch” and that she was interested in taking her to various singing competitions. Kerli began writing stories and poems at the age of 10 to escape from her abusive household to an “imaginary world”. Kerli dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue her musical career. In 2006, Kerli signed a contract with Island Records. She finally released her debut album, titled “Love Is Dead” on July 8, 2008, following her debut single “Walking on Air”. Starting in mid-July 2008, “Walking on Air” was aired on Top 40 stations. Songs from her album were also featured on TV shows, commercials, and movies. Kerli is currently working on her second studio album. “Army of Love” was a promotion to become the album’s lead single.

“The Love Is Dead is a really moody and dark and introverted, so this album is actually more fun, but it still has that twistedness,” says Kerli. “[A] very strong album about overcoming the darkness in myself..overcoming blaming the world for what’s wrong…taking responsibility, being inspired and inspiring others.” “Love is Dead”, being alternative rock, and the new material, being along the lines of synthpop, made her fans curious about her sudden change. Kerli describes herself as being very depressed during the production of “Love is Dead”, and that she felt scattered. “I have no idea where I’m going to go. All I know is that I’m just always going to try to grow and do my best and whatever comes out of me is just going to be a reflection of who I am at that moment,” says Kerli After the release of “Love Is Dead”, Kerli was labeled as “goth”, but said that she was more along the lines of “bubblegoth.” Kerli describes BubbleGoth as “putting together light and dark, opposites, and things that you don’t really necessarily think go together.” Kerli frequently wears three dots called “moon marks” that represent integrity, love and unity. Kerli calls her fans Moon Children, who play a part in her imaginary world and follow the  integrity, love and unity that Kerli sings about.

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