No, I do not worship the devil

There are many stereotypes against people that listen to metal. There is the thought that people that listen to metal are Satanic, evil, potential murderers, and that the genre itself is “just bunch of noise”. Every single one of these is wrong, however, and here is why.

First of all, “metal” does not mean “Satanic”. Almost all of metal music has literally nothing to do with the devil. Most bands sing about girls, political issues, or just life and how it affects people. Those are not Satanic; they are topics to which everyone can relate.

Then there is the thought that metal and the people who listen to it are just evil and bad people. This is totally absurd. Music has nothing to do with good or evil. Music is about emotion and getting your feelings out to a group of people that either feel the same way or respect how you feel. It is rare for me to go to a show and not talk to someone I have never talked to before. Metal concerts have some of the nicest and most respectful fans you could have, and yes, that includes people in the pits.

The pit is just where you let all of your feelings go. You are not trying to hurt anyone; you are just letting out your emotions. If someone falls, everyone stops to pick them up and make sure he is okay. It is not malicious; it is a very friendly environment.

Metal is one of the friendliest communities out there. It is for the people that do not want to be like everyone else. They accept you no matter what you look like, what race you are, or what sexual orientation you are. In metal, everyone is family.

Some people, who are truly ridiculous, think that listening to metal will make someone go shoot another person, or even themselves. If this is a thought you have, please stop. Music will not cause that, just like video games and movies would not either. That is just insane.

This last one is very personal to me. If you think metal, metalcore, hardcore, or deathcore is just a bunch of noise, you are truly ignorant. Some of the most talented musicians of all-time belong to these genres. These genres use some techniques that other genres either have not heard of or just cannot do, such as blast beats on the drums and sweep-pick arpeggios on guitar.

Then, people think the vocalists are just screaming. Go ahead and try to do that right now. You probably were not able to do it properly.

That is because it takes years of practice and learning to do it. Plus, most vocalists both sing and scream, which makes them twice as talented as singers of other genres. Also notice the difference there – metal has vocalists, while other genres only have singers.

Another genre, such as rap, is literally just talking over pre-recorded beats, and you never hear any complaints about that. Metal and all the core genres that go with it are home to the most talented musicians on the planet, many of which remain unrecognized.

So what do you think? Are you ignorant in thinking that metal heads are evil?

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