Mr. Monroe

by EMILY BEZERRA Social Media Coordinator

Senior Thomas Cugini walked away as the winner of the annual Mr. Monroe male beauty pageant held on Friday, March 15 in the performing arts center. Designed as a satire of Miss America, Mr. Monroe was nothing less than hysterical this year.

Each guy competing in the pageant has a nickname, as well as an escort:

  1. Aaron Potter’s nickname was Mr. Temptation and he was escorted by senior Amanda Salvadore.

  2. Sean Doyle, aka Mr. Goldenstaff, was escorted by senior Melissa Salvadore.

  3. Kyle Rinfret, aka James Blonde, was escorted by senior Louise LoBello.

  4. Zach Levine, aka Mr. Make-Em-Swoon, was escorted by junior Briana Brice.

  5. Stephen Kenney, aka Mr. Sasha Fierce, was escorted by senior Jamie Weiss.

  6. Thomas Cugini, aka Mr. Doctor Fantastic, was escorted by senior Emily Moyes.

  7. Akul Desai, aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl, was escorted by senior Monisha Sarathi.

  8. Joseph Lin, aka Mr. Glen Coco, was escorted by senior Grace Hluchy.

  9. Last, but not least, Jerry Bogue, aka Mr. Monroe (not the actual winner) was escorted by senior Emily Jones.

To kick off the show, the contestants performed a dance to “Gangnam Style” by PSY. After this, the evening wear segment began.

Each guy, escorted by their ladies, was dressed in formal wear (aside from Kenney, who wore a goofy costume). During this segment, the audience was introduced more thoroughly to each contestant. The MCs, seniors Camille Joy and Leaundra Lane, announced the boys’ hobbies and what designer the guys and their escorts were dressed in.

After evening wear wrapped up, casual wear began. This segment is self-explanatory – everyone dressed in casual clothing of their preference. While some were goofier than others, such as Cugini who wore a long-haired wig, it gave the audience an idea of each guy’s personality.

Next was swimwear. For the most part, they guys wore swim trunks, but what made this category remarkable was that Lin asked senior Michelle Cho to prom while modeling his swimwear on stage!

Finally, everyone’s favorite segment was in full swing – talent. Every contestant performed a noteworthy talent, most of which were hilarious and some which were pure talent.

Potter, along with fellow seniors Mark Martin, Luigi Buffolino, and Fletcher Markulin, did a ballet dance. Their tutus and beandeaus had everyone hysterical, along with their surprise Harlem Shake at the end of the number.

“Mr. Monroe was overall a good experience, I actually had fun dancing in a tutu and bandeau,” says Potter.

Doyle and junior Aaron Fawzy did a puppet show with their heads on extremely small bodies dancing.

Rinfret performed a beautiful song while playing his guitar, except he was shirtless and in swim trunks.

Levine sang a great song with his escort and some fellow chorus members.

Kenney and fellow seniors Danny Marsh and Quincy Charleston danced to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce in black leotards, which had the audience cracking up.

“I enjoyed every minute of the Single Ladies dance, I was crying of laughter,” says sophomore Brina Haugland.

Cugini recited a satirical poem about school topics such as iprism that everyone could relate to and laugh about.

Desai performed a collaboration of hit rap songs with senior Camille Suarez.

Lin performed a dance almost identical to that of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

Finally, Bogue performed a hilarious mock magic show.

After intermission, the finalists were revealed – Potter, Cugini, Rinfret, and Doyle. It was also announced that Potter had won Mr. Photogenic. However, after the Q&A segment, Cugini was crowned Mr. Monroe.

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