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Jamesbrew Café; The Place to Be!

Owners, Adam & Karen Elias, on January 14th at their cafe’s live music event! (Photo credits to Kajal Shah)

On November 11th, 2022, a brand new family owned café, Jamesbrew Café, had their grand opening. Located on 22 W Railroad Ave, my friends and family have expressed extremely positive opinions and reviews, giving me excitement to check out. Personally, I’ve always dreamed about going to a small town café that can only be seen in movies and shows like Gilmore Girls. Maybe I had gotten ahead of myself, hoping that it would feel like a TV show, but I definitely did want to check it out because of my love for coffee. This past week, I finally found time to check it out and was very impressed!

On Saturday night, the atmosphere was enhanced with live music from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Walking in, you could feel the collectiveness and warmth. The clusters of families and friends enjoying the coffee shop made the experience completely worth it! Before I found a spot to sit, I ordered the regular “Railroad Roast”. Out of their bakery, I purchased a chocolate chip muffin, which paired well with the classic coffee. Although the house was packed, I managed to find some space by the high seated tables near the entrance. The various seating arrangements contributed to the impressive atmosphere. While the high seated chairs seem perfect for getting some homework done, the regular tables and couches serve as more relaxed and comfortable seating arrangements.

As the night began to wind down, I was able to catch up with the owners, Karen and Adam Elias. I asked what they wanted to do with the café, their goals for it, and it was delightful to hear their story. They had bought the café to create a space for the town to come together and appreciate the town's history. They even incorporated the history with all beverages having the name of Jamesburg streets in them. Striving to host events that can bring the community together, they look forward to nights with live music, karaoke, book readings, and so much more. Having lived in Jamesburg, I never thought about the history of the town. However, I think this new addition to the downtown area is very charming and will likely draw the attention of many locals.

If you want to check out the café, you can visit their website by clicking on the following link:


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