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Chat and relax at the chorus’ spring Coffee House

The Monroe Township High School Choral Department hosted its spring Coffee House on Thursday, March 15 in the Commons at 6:30 p.m.

The audience was treated to several live performances by students along with treats and refreshments for sale at the event, including coffee. All snacks and refreshments cost one dollar.

Admission to the event cost five dollars at the door, and no pre-registration was required to attend the event. Some songs that were sung at the event included “Give Your Heart A Break” performed by Christina Toscano, and “Budapest” performed by Nyles Grover and Rachel Hansen.

“I think Coffee House is very fun and creative way to express your musicality and give a nice night to others. Also, it’s a great fundraiser for the arts programs at the high school,” said freshman Katie Rich.

To perform at the event, students were required to audition. Those who were interested signed up on a piece of paper and auditioned in the chorus room after school. Students who auditioned to sing could accompany themselves or be accompanied by someone else; no pre-recorded accompaniment was allowed.

Many students try to get in every year, but there are only so many spots, so not everybody can make it to the final production. This spring, a total of 48 acts auditioned and 24 of them performed at the event.

“This event, Coffee House, is a wonderful opportunity for students to build confidence in regard to their performing ability. The crowd is typically 300 people, so students are able to showcase their talents in front of a variety of people within the Monroe community,” said chorus teacher Ms. Arielle Klein.

The choral department hosts the Coffee House on a seasonal basis – one in the fall, and another in spring. In November 2017, the choral department hosted its fall coffee house.

Just a small portion of the songs sung in the fall Coffee House include “Wherever You Will Go” performed by Lindsay Tuen, “Stone Cold” performed by Jahnvi Shesadri and Ashley Koluda, and “i hate u i love u” performed by Akshaya Arun.

Coffee House typically has an attendance of about 300 people. Several tables with seats are set up in the middle of the commons, and a couple tables are set up in the back of the commons full of drinks and snacks for sale. The performer uses the commons stage as they sing their song.

Freshman Navya Malapanagudi said, “I love the atmosphere at coffee house. It’s a great place for guests to hear some of the local talent and it’s an even better place for performers to showcase themselves to the school.”

What do you think about the choral department’s Coffee House? Will you attend one next year?

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