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Bhangrafest 2k17: A fun success

Monroe Township High School spurred with excitement and laughter on Friday, May 19 as over 300 students came to dance, socialize, and enjoy Indian culture. This year’s Bhangrafest 2k17 exceeded all expectations as students danced the night away.

The Bhangrafest was put together by the dedicated Multicultural Club (MCC), whose purpose is to acknowledge the diverse community of Monroe and celebrate it. The members were in awe when they saw the results of their hard work.

Once the Commons were decked beautifully and the event was set up, the school starting filling up with guests instantly. A lot more people arrived than were expected, already showing signs that it was going to be the best Bhangrafest yet.

The night began with friends socializing and laughing, filling the atmosphere with an exhilarating buzz.

A delicious aroma soon filled the air and guests made their way into the cafeteria lining up for naan, curry, paneer, samosas, chips, homemade sweets, and plenty of other foods.

Following dinner, the lights dimmed and disco lights illuminated the school. Everyone settled down around the Commons to watch talented students perform to the blaring music.

After several beautiful and creative dances, the dj called everyone to the dance floor, which filled up almost instantly. Everyone danced their hearts out to the amazing music blasting from the speakers.

Freshaman Ria Parikh says, “The vibe and atmosphere at Bhangrafest was simply great. It did not matter if you knew how to dance or not, you just enjoyed the music. At the end of the night, my feet were so sore. That is how you know it was fun! My friends and I all had an amazing time!”

The event was no doubt an accomplishment. However, not only was it fun for all who attended, but it had a great purpose and meaning behind it.

Bhangra is a lively type of Indian dance done to traditional folk music. It originated in Punjab, India and is a really important aspect of Punjabi culture.

At Bhangrafest, people broaden their perspective and learn about a different culture. The purpose of the event is for all students to share cultures but ultimately come together as one to just have a good time.

The MCC is extremely happy about the success of the event. They spread an important message and, on top of that, everyone had fun.

However, Bhangrafest would not have been possible without the countless hours dedicated to it. MCC members put a significant amount of effort into planning, spreading the word, and setting up so the event could turn out perfect.

Sophomore Faraaz Khan, an executive of the club, says, “With over 30 hours put into the event, Bhangrafest 2k17 has reached a new all-time high of 300 people, making it by far the most successful standalone paid event in MTHS to this date. Not only that, but this event alone raised thousands of dollars for future ventures we plan to hold. None of this would have been made possible, however, without the support of our generous club members and guests that attended this year.”

The fun-filled event helped raise a large amount of money and awareness for the MCC to help them continue spreading messages of diversity and acceptance.

How do you feel about Bhangrafest?

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