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Mr. McLovin takes home the Mr. Monroe crown


The 2014 twerking-filled Mr. Monroe contest was held Friday, March 14, in the MTHS auditorium and was won by the one and only Mr. McLovin, more commonly known around the school as Julian Lipoff. Six male seniors ran in this year’s male beauty pageant, in which the winner not only wins himself a reason to strut around the school like a beautiful, tropical fish, but also a free prom bid.

The hosts this year were Kayla Monroe and Franny Speranza, with judges Mr. Byrnes, Ms. Basile, Ms. Granett, and Ms. Cocivera. The contestants were seniors Toby Emelle (Mr. Chief Dances With Lions) escorted by junior Brittany Harrison; Jacob Egierd (Mr. Dr. McSteamy) escorted by senior Amber Malmstadt; Anthony Guidi (Mr. Pop Punk) escorted by senior Sam Domke; Steve Leoniy (Mr. Klondike) escorted by senior Kendall Marini; Tyler Utheim (Mr. Tall Dark And Handsome) escorted by senior Amber Kelly; and last but not least, winner Lipoff, escorted  by senior Sara Mohammed.

The boys opened up the show with a spicy dance number to “Turn Up The Music,” Emelle leading the unconventional crew. The Formal Wear portion of the pageant followed the twerk fest. Some notable aspects of the Formal Wear portion were Lipoff’s tuxedo, supposedly the only one in the entire world with pockets, Marini’s suit opposed to the other escort’s dresses, and Leoniy’s wig.

Next came Casual Wear, and to be honest, all I can recall from this portion were Kelly and Utheim’s adorable classy outfits, Egierd’s robe, and Lipoff wearing pajamas while blowing bubbles out of a pipe. Monroe and Speranza also mentioned that Ms. Speizer once told Mr. Dr. McSteamy that he has good style. Questionable.

Beach Wear was fun, what with the escorts accompanying the contestants in bathing suits. Guidi and Domke brought out sunscreen and tortilla chips, while Lipoff rocked a hula skirt.

The infamous Talent segment was right before intermission, during which the dance team performed. Emelle started it off by dropping it like it’s hot in a dance and beat boxing performance, featuring Terrell Moody and Vinny Arizzo.

Giudi came out next, eating pizza and singing “My Shiny Teeth And Me” with Domke, an ensemble dressed in all white, and a human Christmas tree.

Leoniy then followed. He and three friends sang a song dressed in only compression shorts, during which Lipoff ran across the stage holding a sign that read “Follow Your Dreams.” Leoniy and company proceeded to chase him around the auditorium.

Egierd read jokes off his phone while painting a nonsensical masterpiece on a huge canvas as his escort Malmstadt stood in pointe shoes next to the canvas.

Lipoff and three other MTHS students reprised the infamous Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” in all white.

Utheim closed out the Talent portion with an evolution of dance performance during which he pulled out moves such as the Stanky Legg, the dougie, and twerking. On the wall.

“I loved the talent portion! I definitely laughed a lot. I think Jacob was really funny and original in his. He just sat up there and had a good time,” says junior Lindsey Frankel.

Mr. Photogenic, an award that included a gift card to the Freehold Mall, went to Mr. McLovin. The finalists ended up being Utheim, Lipoff, Giudi, and Emelle. Then followed the Questions and Answers segment, during which Utheim said he would dine with Adam Sandler if he could dine with any celebrity, and Lipoff said that one thing he is great at is being himself.

After the Q and A session, Lipoff was crowned as Mr. Monroe. It was a joyous occasion to see the crown be placed on his ode-to-“The Last Airbender” haircut.

“My favorite part of Mr. Monroe was the talent portion. I liked it because everyone had great talents and they were really able to express who they are through that,” says sophomore Gianna Mannarino. “I think a Miss Monroe would be fun, but the girls might be a little provocative showing off on stage.”

Who knows, maybe soon enough this school will get to see a Miss Monroe be crowned.

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