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The game lets you play as a mayor, and introduce a large number of wonderful features into your town, such as residential districts with different housing types, a place where you can start a business, a big market to trade goods in. The game is played on a map of the entire continent in which you manage your city. It is set in a historical setting in which technology is driving forward.Q: Azure Web API - Client Credentials won't work with Basic authentication I'm trying to add authentication to my Web API application and, unlike my MVC4 app, I cannot get the client side to work. Here's what I've tried so far: Added the [EnableCors("*", "*", "*")] attribute to my action methods Added the [AllowAnonymous] attribute to my ActionFilter attribute class. Made sure that the "AllowAnonymous" filter was added to the web.config Added the [ClientAuthorization] attribute to my action methods None of these things seem to be working, the client is still prompted for credentials even when using the Basic authentication schema. Here's the code I'm currently using: var client = new HttpClient(); client.BaseAddress = new Uri(serverUrl); client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("User-Agent", "Azure Web App"); var result = client.PostAsJsonAsync(url, new { foo = "bar", baz = "raz"}).Result; Which is getting me to the login page. The client then prompts for credentials but I'm able to click through and get the application to complete. The problem is that if I add the code shown below to my request then the application closes because of the second argument: var result = client.PostAsJsonAsync(url, new Dictionary { { "foo", "bar" }, { "baz", "raz" } }).Result; I am able to see the login page when using the dictionary so it seems the issue is that it's not liking the first argument. I'm getting the same results when using both PostAsJsonAsync and PostAsync. Any suggestions would be appreciated. A: Update: This issue has been resolved. I was receiving a 401 error when using PostAsJsonAsync with a Dictionary. My solution was to use




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Anno1404cdkeycrackdownload garrdav

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