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‘Violent Gentlemen Tour’ did not disappoint


Popular hardcore bands The Ghost Inside and Every Time I Die decided to team up for the “Violent Gentlemen Tour”, sponsored (obviously) by the Violent Gentlemen clothing line. The tour also featured Long Island hardcore band Backtrack, South Carolina’s Hundredth, and Birmingham’s Architects.

The date I attended was December 13 at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville. Contrary to the name, there was no violence – no fights or brawls or riots like most people expect from a hardcore or metal concert.

The opening band was Backtrack, a hardcore band from Long Island, New York that had a surprisingly big crowd for an opener. Their setlist included “The Worst of Both Worlds”, “Nailed to the Tracks”, and “Erase the Rat”.

Though I have only listened to them once or twice, I was thoroughly impressed with their performance. It was very high energy, like most hardcore bands tend to be. Many crowd members moshed and crowd surfed.

Vocalist Jeff Perlin was the highlight of the band. He was constantly all over the stage encouraging the crowd to jump around and move. Perlin was also spot on with his vocals from the albums, so clearly he does not use auto tune ever.

The next band was South Carolina’s Hundredth. Hundredth have a very passionate following due to their deep and meaningful lyrics that people can relate to. Most of the crowd knew all the words to the songs, including myself.

Their setlist included “Carry On”, “Soul”, and “Weathered Town”, their best song. It is a personal favorite of theirs, and the whole crowd was into it. Everyone on the floor was jumping and pushing and really getting into the song. It was an almost indescribable experience.

The third band was Birmingham, England’s Architects. Architects was my favorite band before entering this show. I am a fan of all of their albums since they began. Their setlist included hits like “Gravedigger”, “C.A.N.C.E.R”, and “Youth Is Wasted On the Young”.

I cannot even pick a favorite song as the whole set was amazing. I made it all the way to the front so I could hear and see everything perfectly. It seemed like lead vocalist Sam Carter had control over the whole crowd. When he said jump, they would all jump; when he said circle pit, the whole floor ran in a circle.

Architects started a wall of death, which is where both sides of the crowd separate and when the breakdown begins, both sides run at each other. The whole crowd listened and started the wall – everyone on the floor was moving. They are one of the best bands I have seen live.

The first of two headliners was Los Angeles’ The Ghost Inside. They put on the best show I have ever seen. Their setlist included “Avalanche”, “Unspoken”, and “Engine 45”.

They really blew me away. This is my second time seeing them, and both times they were insane. The crowd knew every single word, and every person in the venue was yelling it back in lead vocalist Jonathan Vigil’s face.

Junior Miguel Cortez said, “The Ghost Inside is without a doubt one of the most clever bands with their lyrics. They’re so memorable and deep at the same time.”

The pit was crazy. I did not see a single instance where the pit was not moving. Right before the song “Out Of Control” off their newest album “Dear Youth”, Vigil gave a speech about gay rights. He spoke about how he did not understand how someone could dislike gays for their choice in who they love. The crowd was roaring with applause.

At the end of the show, Vigil did one of the most respectable things I have seen at a concert. By the end of “Engine 45”, I made my way to the front. Vigil took some drum sticks and threw them into the crowd; I caught one, but someone ripped it out of my hand.

Vigil saw this and told me to wait where I was. He went over to the guitarist and got a guitar pick and handed it to me personally. That truly impressed me.

The final headliner was Every Time I Die. As expected, they put on an amazing show. Their setlist included “Thirst”, “Decayin’ With the Boys”, and “Moor”.

Junior PJ Zicaro said, “I love Every Time I Die. I’ve seen them countless times and every time I can’t believe it. They just get better and better.”

They blew the place away, like everyone expected them to, since they have a reputation of being one of the best live bands.

Would you have gone to the “Violent Gentlemen Tour” if you could have? And will you be going to any future concerts at Starland Ballroom?

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