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Top Places to Visit this Winter Break

Key West, Florida

Key West or places like Orlando in Florida is a great winter break destination. If you

are dreading the cold, go to Key West and take a look at all the beaches and calming

ocean. Visit Duval Street, stretch of restaurants, stores, and bars all downtown.

Relax in the sun, go to the harbor, and much more. Pack as if it was the summer

and you’ll truly understand the excitement of visiting Key West, Florida as a part of

your Christmas vacation.

Stowe, Vermont

At Stowe, Vermont, the snow blankets the churches and houses that are colonial

inspired. It makes the whole place look picturesque and beautiful. This village is

near Mount Mansfield, meaning it is one of the greatest locations for skiing in the

U.S. It offers other activities like sleigh and carriage rides, going to cider mills, and

more. Of course, if you do go to Stowe, you cannot miss out on the Stowe

Recreation Path which is a 5.3 mile bike trail that goes through the Little River. The

path is open to bikers and hikers alike, also leading to breweries and amazing

restaurants along the way. Stowe, Vermont is the place to go if you would like a true

winter experience.

Hawaii Island

If you want to go all out on your winter break trip, this is the place to go (although

expensive). The tropical warmth takes you away from the snow waiting back home.

Go to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see the boiling lava. In the night, a

calming red glow is cast on the island. To get a closer look, you can bike to the place

the lava is flowing over the ground. You could even take a small cruise to see the

molten plasma flow into the ocean. Big Island contains many beautiful waterfalls

and beaches to visit. There are even green sand beaches! Snorkeling is also an

option at the underwater marine sanctuary in Kealakekua Bay. You could swim with

fish and even manta rays.

New York City, New York

A perfect winter destination is New York City. If you go around Christmas, you

definitely have the most fun. Go up and down the streets of stores displaying

holiday windows. Shopping is a blast in New York City during this time of year,

getting many discounts as well. The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is

also a great place to visit. Go there to see the huge evergreen tree decked out in

colorful lights and ornaments. At Rockefeller Plaza, the outdoor ice skating rink is

the top place to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Still there, you can’t miss the

performance of the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Central Park is also a

must-visit to see the coat of snow on the park benches and paths. Walking around,

or even going on carriage rides, is very peaceful. Of course, there’s Time Square

filled with billboards, stores, and crowds of festive people as well. If you go there on

New Years Eve, you can stay in Time Square with the thousands of other people in

the freezing cold, waiting to celebrate the new year. There are plenty of other

options as well, such as Broadway shows, fancy or rustic restaurants, and sport’s



If you want a true cold vacation, Alaska is the perfect destination. In the tourist

towns that are still open at the time, there are a lot of activities. See the multiple

festivals and dog sledding tours. There are even chances to go on snowmobiles,

although with the guidance of a local. Ice skating is also a must-do here, as well as

going to the fun ski races. Lastly, if you have the chance to see it, count yourself

lucky. Northern Lights are a beautiful and enrapturing experience to see, seeing as

they light up the sky with green, blue, and purple illusions.

These locations are top places to visit during the holiday season. Having different

themes in each city, you have options based on your idea of a perfect

winter break!

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