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Top 5 binge-worthy crime shows on Netflix

The love for crime shows stems from the thrill and shock of watching misdeeds transpire, and then seeing justice be brought upon the monsters who commit them. To quench this thirst, here is a list of five comparatively different crime shows on Netflix.

At number five is the 2015 single-season NBC show “Limitless,” an American comedy-drama spin-off of the hit 2011 movie of the same name.

“Limitless” features a quirky group of lovable characters with fun and interesting dynamics. The show is predictable in that every episode, a new case is presented and solved, but it is intriguing to see how it plays out. The 28-year-old burnout and musician Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) applies his incredible capabilities from the drug, NZT-48.

The show follows relatable Finch when he is introduced to NZT-48, the miracle drug. The drug opens access to every neuron in the brain, making him fully aware of his mental and physical capabilities while enhancing them. For 12 hours after taking the pill, Finch is the best version of himself. He is assisted by a mysterious politician to become immune to the deadly side-effects of NZT while using his abilities to help the FBI.

Sophomore Mahi Purohit says, “I really liked the show because the whole concept of it is so different and I have never really seen another show like it. I was sad that it did not get another season.”

This fun and comedic twist on a typically serious and gory crime show is what makes this show unique and earned it a spot on this list. Unfortunately, this show had a short run at a mere one season, but that is exactly what makes it great and easy to binge.

Next is another not-so-typical crime show where the protagonist has powers: “Jessica Jones.” Along with powers, this crime-fighter does not necessarily fight alongside police forces or with the FBI. “Jessica Jones” is a Netflix Original Marvel show that tells the story of the original comic book vigilante, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). The show tells the story of one of the more dark and twisted superheroes in the Marvel universe as she tries to maintain her business as a private investigator and deal with her past traumas.

“Jessica Jones is great because her character is so raw and complex. She does not seem to have the typical sob-story like other Marvel heroes, and it fits because she’s not like other heroes,” says freshman Alexis Masella.

The plot is superb, as it is unlike any other crime or superhero show due to Jones’ status as a vigilante. Ritter perfectly captures the damaged and gritty character as she struggles to get through everyday life and help herself. The simple theme of survival strung through this show makes it cultivating as Jones tries to rise up and face true evil, but minus all of the conventional superhero drama.

At number three is one of the most genius crime shows to ever have been aired, “Dexter,” which is also based on a comic series. “Dexter” illustrates the inner battle of psychopath and protagonist Dexter Morgan as he feeds his need to kill while working with the Miami Metro Police.

What has kept him from getting caught as a serial killer is his code. The code is a set of principles established by Morgan’s dad to allow him to fuel his inner need to murder and prevent him from getting in trouble.

The most notable part of this code, and show, is that he is only to hurt those who have hurt others. In this, he takes the law into his own hands as he catches and kills criminals who have slipped through the system.

Morgan is both a serial-killer and hero, which pushes viewers to moral-boundaries while both rooting for him and being disgusted by him. By testing viewers’ ethical imaginations, the writers draw viewers in as they question themselves for sympathizing with a serial killer. The whole idea of escapism and taking a step-back from typical moral truths is stimulating for the mind. Throughout the seasons, there is a clear development with Morgan’s morals and principles as he questions his ways the same as viewers do.

Freshman Ava Maddox says, “I like it because each episode always makes me want to watch another and they are never boring. There is always an event in the show, case to be solved, or a murder being committed. It keeps me on the edge of my seat each season, wanting to know if the serial killer they are investigating will be caught or even if Dexter will be caught.”

The different themes and intricate story plots laced throughout each season are also just as easily-addictive if the idea that the show compromises viewers morals is not interesting or binge-worthy enough.

At number two is a decently popular show, as it has been running for 13 seasons and renewed for a 14th. CBS’ “Criminal Minds” features an elite FBI group made up of highly-intelligent profilers. The team works to understand the twisted-minds of the country’s most dangerous predators from identifying a motivation to understanding emotional triggers, and using this to put an end to their terror.

Although this sounds more like a typical crime show compared to the others listed, this one has many special attributes that put it so high up. The show starts by following the typical pattern of presenting a new and twisted case every week, but the storyline often surprises viewers by threatening core characters’ fates and personal lives. By making certain cases personal to the characters, it builds the chemistry between the cast and adds depth to the already multi-faceted characters.

The underlying stories that can last from season to season, or go away and come back in a snap, are attention-grabbing just as much as the new cases are every week. A good crime show can draw anyone in, but it takes a great plot to keep viewers invested for so long.

“It is definitely one of those shows you can bingewatch on end without getting bored. It is captivating because it is not cheesy or overly dramatic,” says sophomore Ava Friedman.

The show offers the perfect pace and flow to easily binge. Every episode offers a new, intriguing, bizarre, yet plausible serial-killer case, and intertwines simple underlying plots, which at perfect times take the main light.

“NARCOS,” the Netflix original, is placed at number one because it has done what its predecessors have failed to do: portray the story of Pablo Escobar on the right medium to share the whole story, magical realism and all.

What first draws the audience in are words that come across on the screen within 30 seconds of watching: “Magical realism is defined as what happens when highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe. There is a reason magical realism was born in Colombia.”

Upon reading those two simple sentences, all attention is glued to the show.

“NARCOS” depicts the true story of the rise of the cocaine trade in the late 1980s in Colombia and the stories of the drug lords. The show focuses in on the notorious Escobar (Wagner Moura) and his gritty conflicts with law enforcement.

Although many know the general story of Escobar, viewers are thirsty to see all the details of just how it played out. The show depicts the non-stop, action-filled lifestyle of the sensationally portrayed wealthy kingpin.

The show is engulfing as the depiction is so incredibly accurate; it offers real insight into the history of drug trafficking. Even more, it has the baffling ability to make viewers feel as if they are fully experiencing life in late 80s’ Colombia. The added touch of real archive footage threaded throughout the show adds a remarkable and notable component to the entire adventure.

“The whole story is fascinating. ‘NARCOS’ shows the story in such a raw, real, and tasteful way. Pablo, though villainous, is just so charismatic. He is played so well; I love it,” says junior Matthew Fekete.

“NARCOS” tells a crazy story that audiences could never get tired of hearing about, which is exactly why it is the most binge-worthy on this list. The riveting plot and true-to-life characters keeps the audience coming back.

What do you believe makes a show binge-worthy? Or what makes a crime show so great?

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