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Top 10 worst pop artists

There are a lot of garbage artists out there in today’s music scene: scumbags like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and talentless hacks like Kreyshawn, Iggy Azalea, and Nicki Minaj. Yet for some reason, people across the globe seem to love these artists. There are many more than this, but here are the top ten worst pop artists.

Number 10 is Magic!. Their one big hit, “Rude”, is one of the most annoying songs on the radio. It is totally contradictory; he is calling the woman’s father rude for not allowing him to marry his daughter, but then says, “I’m gonna marry her anyway”, which is rude! You write a song calling someone out for rude then fix that by being rude in the song? I am not really sure how rude this guy is being, or maybe he has a good reason to say no.

Number nine is Meghan Trainor. There is nothing wrong with the intent behind “All About That Bass”, but it is just incredibly repetitive and musically incorrect. Even though she says “no treble”, 90 percent of the song takes place in the treble clef! Music innuendoes only work if they are correct, and that is not the case for this song.

Number eight is Macklemore. There is not much to say about him, really; he had his one big hit and is now on the decline. Macklemore is 2010’s version of Vanilla Ice – a white rapper with one big song that should have picked a different career. Hopefully, Macklemore is handy enough to get his own show on DIY like Vanilla did.

Junior Joe Miller said, “Macklemore put out ‘Thrift Shop’ and took off, but look at him. There is no way he ever shops in a thrift shop. He has probably never been to one in his life. I can’t stand him or his music.”

Number seven is LMFAO. LMFAO could put out “Party Rock Anthem Part II”, have it be the exact same as the first one, and it would go platinum. The fans of LMFAO must be on some very strong drugs all the time to enjoy hearing the same note played over and over again in different octaves. That’s right, all of their big hits are literally just one note played over two octaves.

Number six is Ke$ha. Ke$ha has sounded exactly the same since she came out, and has shown zero musical maturity. She gives a horrible message to young girls and is just a talentless scumbag.

Number five is Kreyshawn. Kreyshawn is actually very intelligent – she had a full scholarship to Berkeley college for music. How on earth she put out songs like “Gucci Gucci” will always be a mystery. She thinks she is cool and bad because she used to deal Adderall on her college campus, but in all reality, she is just a privileged white girl looking for attention.

Number four is Iggy Azalea, only famous because she has a big butt.

Number three is Nicki Minaj, only famous because she has a big butt and big boobs.

Junior Steph Auerbach said, “I really hate the message that these girls are portraying for all of the younger generation that want to fit in. They are telling you to flaunt your big butt or boobs everywhere, and that should not be how it is. Girls should be treated just like anyone else, not gawked at because they were born with bigger boobs than other girls.”

Number two is good ol’ JB himself, Justin Bieber. Everyone knows JB has done some really dumb things like peeing in a restaurant’s mop bucket and throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house. But it does not matter what he does, girls will always love him, guys will always hate him, and he will always make much more money than he deserves.

Number one is the scummiest one of them all – Chris Brown. How this man can still be famous and respected by so many people after what he did to Rihanna I will never know. The fact that millions of people still listen to him is absolutely disgusting. He has no talent, unless using auto tune is suddenly a talent. He has said multiple racist or insensitive things on twitter, and he almost beat Rihanna to death. If you have not seen the pictures and you are still a Chris Brown fan, go look at them and see how you feel afterwards.

Go ahead and leave all of the comments below about why I am wrong and why they are talented; I will not be reading them.

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