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The Twilight Saga comes to an end

by EMILY BEZERRA Social Media Coordinator

The fifth movie in the Twilight Saga, “Breaking Dawn Part 2” premiered Friday, November 16.

In the sequel to “Breaking Dawn Part 1” and the last movie of the Twilight Saga, vampires Bella and Edward are married and living together with their newborn baby, Renesmee. Their lives seem to finally be falling into place, until the Voltari suspects Bella’s baby is a threat to their society. Throughout the movie, Bella and Edward travel all over the world to gather family-friends to defend them against the Voltari.

“Breaking Dawn Part 2” had the same stunning cast as the previous movies in the saga. Bella and Edward Cullen are played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner appears as Jacob Black yet again, making all the girls in the audience shriek when he takes his shirt off. The newest addition to the cast is Mackenzie Foy, playing Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee.

“Breaking Dawn Part 2” was directed by Bill Condon, who also directed the prequel, “Breaking Dawn Part 1”. Condon’s work attracted viewers everywhere, earning $141,067,634 opening weekend. The box office money earned opening weekend surpassed the movie’s budget of $120 million. As of right now, the movie has earned a total of $595,419,176.

Filming for the movie began November 1, 2010 and ended April 15, 2012. The filming was shot on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The last day of shooting was emotional for the main actors and actresses, who had been a part of every movie in the saga.

The movie featured many special effects. Producing special effects is never easy, though. Tippett studio began working on computer generated wolves in February of 2009. Staff members who worked on this project claim that it was difficult developing a sense of human shape in the wolves so it was realistic for the human characters to morph into them.

Another particularly noteworthy aspect of the movie is the music. Production of the soundtrack began in January 2012, when they chose the songs to play during important scenes. They confirmed that “Where I Come From” by Passion Pit would play when Bella woke up from her coma in the opening scene.

“Breaking Dawn Part 2” received mixed reviews from viewers. While many claim it was the best movie in the saga, others say it was not worth their money.

“I think anyone who didn’t enjoy the movie doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I saw it twice and cried each time. It was very well done and has an amazing ending,” says sophomore Alexa Sumergido.

I also saw the movie twice and it earns a four out of five stars from me. The script was clever, and the plot twist in the end is extremely unexpected. It was very well done and I do not see why anyone would think otherwise.

“Breaking Dawn Part 2” is still in theaters so if you have not seen it, I recommend it to anyone who likes romantic fantasies.

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