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The “Golden Boy” Stephen Curry


Anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention to basketball over the years will surely have heard the name Stephen Curry.

The Golden State Warrior star point guard, listed at six feet three inches tall and 185 pounds, is best known for his exceptional shooting abilities, and has become a superstar in the NBA. Ever since Curry was drafted out of Davidson, he sure has made a name for himself.

In the 2008-2009 season as a Davidson Wildcat, Curry led the nation in scoring with 28.6 points per game. He was named the Southern Conference player of the year twice, and led Davidson to two NCAA tournament appearances in a row.

Curry also set many school records, such as the all-time scoring record, which pertained to the whole southern conference as well. Curry also set the record for three point field goals, free-throws, 30 and 40 point games, and set an NCAA record for most three pointers in a season.

Curry received a lot of attention for his basketball skills, and left Davidson after his junior year to enter the 2009 NBA draft. The Golden State Warriors selected Curry seventh in the first round, and he was signed toa four-year $12.7 million contract.

Curry made his NBA debut against the Houston Rockets, scoring 14 points, seven assists, four steals, and two turnovers with 36 minutes of playing time.

The Warriors looked for him to carry the team while Monta Ellis was injured. He proved himself to be a leader, scoring 32 points to help defeat the Brooklyn Nets.

Curry’s skill did not go unrecognized; he was invited to play for the Rookies in the Rookie-Sophomore game and scored 14 points to help defeat the Sophomores.

Curry was a heavy contender in the Rookie of the Year Award as well. He had a lot of competition, however, and lost to Derrick Rose.

Although Curry had somewhat of a slow start, he was still playing great. Many believed that there was room for him to become an amazing player, and right they were.

Curry was a dead eye sharpshooter, just like his father, Dell Curry. He has unlimited range and can shoot off the dribble, creating a huge distinction between him and other great shooters.

Curry is a ball-handler and does not need his teammates to help him score. He can create his own shot and pull up for the jumper.

Curry has the fastest release in the NBA. At just four tenths of a second, Curry will have his shot in the air. He always shoots with the same smooth form and has a high arcing shot, allowing for more space for the ball to travel through the hoop.

In 2013, Curry became the first person to hit 272 three point field goals in a single season. He also holds the record for the first player to make 250 three point field goals and dish 500 assists in a single season.

However, just this season, he was chosen to play in the All-Star game as the starting point guard. He scored 12 points and had 11 assists, even though his team lost.

After only five years in the NBA, Curry has already broken an NBA record, and has risen to become an all-star. He holds the distinction as the best shooter in the world, and is also tied with Chris Paul for the title of best point guard.

Curry has turned into a superstar in the NBA and is not even in his prime yet. The ultimate test of bringing the Warrior to the NBA finals is now number one on Curry’s agenda.

How far do you think Steph Curry can carry the Warriors this post-season?

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