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The blue carpet’s best and worst looks

Awards shows are always the apple of pop culture’s eyes, considering the bold and courageous looks that celebrities show off. It is no surprise that the MTV Movie Awards welcomed some new faces and styles on April 12, 2015.

Celebrities from Cara Delevingne (“Paper Towns”) to Scarlett Johansson (“The Avengers”) showed up in beautiful solid colors while others like Shailene Woodley (“Divergent”) took the more casual look with some fashionable patterns.

Delevingne pleased us in a violet Reem Acra dress, complete with a lace pattern along her shoulder and chest area. To close it all together, she displayed some classy, black Saint Laurent heels that perfectly matched her dress and made this look an overall success.

“Cara always picks the best outfits for any event. I love every single outfit that she wears. She absolutely rocks it,” says freshman Giana Matarangelo.

Johansson went the comfortable route, rocking a bright pink Zuhar Murad jumpsuit with a stem collar design. “The Avengers” actress ended her look with pineapple print heels by Sophia Webster and a cute teal clutch to match. This is a perfect way to show off the post-baby body… I can’t even tell she had one!

When it comes to awards shows, I know we are dying to know what the beautiful and never-aging Jennifer Lopez is wearing. Again, JLo surprised us with a sexy and chic black Versace dress that showed off her famous curves. She closed it off with bold black heels and a black clutch. Queen JLo seriously knows how to rock a blue carpet.

Although this was a rather big carpet event, there were a few that did not choose the right path.

“Pitch Perfect 2” actress Hailee Steinfeld did not successfully display the right outfit on the blue carpet. I mean, it looks like there are fish nets hanging from her skirt! C’mon Hailee, I know you can do better than this.

Her sheer green top and laced-up heels did not pull the outfit together. This outfit certainly did not “match pitch” with me.

“Hailee is a young, pretty woman. She should be wearing something more mature and fashionable. The fish net look died out after the 80’s, so her outfit isn’t exactly in fashion,” says freshman Shivani Patel.

Alongside Steinfeld, singer Jessie J did not please me either. Her glittered beaded top and wide legged pants disappointed me, considering that she has always rocked the award show look, but this time, it was a dud. The long top overlapped the wide legged pants, so it looked as if she was wearing over-sized pajamas.

However, I did enjoy her choice of jewelry from Jennifer Fisher’s line. The silver matched the glitter, so I guess you could say that the outfit had some potential, but not a lot.

Want to see an outfit gone wrong? Try looking at Bai Ling’s golden dragon catastrophe. The actress is known for her extravagant looks and outfits, but this one takes the win for sure. A golden dragon sits on her shoulder and falls down to her waist where the tail lifts and settles down. She carried out her look with a hideous shredded skirt and mildly decent gold heels to match her dragon bra.

This look did seem like a cool idea at first, but when we saw it in person, the outfit seemed to disappoint and crash. Ling’s inner Bjork got a little too carried away, and I give this look two thumbs down. I did like her make-up, though.

The worst dressed did not completely disgust me this time, but that is only because there were more best dressed looks this year.

What do you think of this year’s MTV Movie Awards fashion? Which celebrity wore the best outfit? Which celebrity wore the worst?

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