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The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show delivers once again


The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finally aired in the United States on December 9, 2014 after being taped the week before in London, England.

The show started with quick modeling footage of the main models, including Candice Swanepoel. However, there were 47 models, also known as Victoria’s Secret Angels, in the show. This turned out to be the highest number of models Victoria’s Secret has ever used for their show.

Behati Prinsloo, wife of Adam Levine, was the first model to walk the runway, opening up the show with a bang. The first segment was called Gilded Angels, and she was decked out in gold from head-to-toe. The other angels began coming out one-by-one in similar gold outfits.

In between segments, interviews with the Angels and people who work for Victoria’s Secret were shown.

“Before I walk on, it’s like total pandemonium going on, like hyperventilating,” said Swanepoel in her interview.

The next segment was called Dream Girl. Taylor Swift performed “Blank Space” as the models came out. Swift’s outfit included a light pink and black lace lingerie outfit with a long, satin robe. She could have fit right in with the models with her tall and thin figure. The angels all had light pink incorporated in their outfits to complement Swift

The first model out was Lily Aldridge who strutted her pink lingerie and huge, light pink furry ball as her wings.

Before the next segment, the senior creative of Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, and the producer of the fashion show, Monica Mitro, talked about Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio in an interview.

“We’ve been lucky enough to work with two of the greatest models in the history of the world…I couldn’t imagine what Victoria’s Secret would be without these girls. Their contribution is incalculable,” said Razek.

The two Angels also talked about their modeling experiences, and how they started modeling together at a young age.

“I’m just glad I had a friend and an amazing companion to share this experience we had,” said Ambrosio about Lima.

Razek and Mitro talked about the fantasy bra and what a huge honor it is to wear in the show. Usually there is only one fantasy bra worn, but this year, there were two – one for Lima and the other for Ambrosio.

Razek said, “It was just time to say thank you.”

Ed Sheeran performed “Thinking out Loud” for the third segment Exotic Traveler. This segment included the prestige fantasy bra that costs well over the usual price for regular lingerie.

Lima, in the blue fantasy bra, and Ambrosio, in the red, walked out together to open the segment. Each bra was equally gorgeous; I would not have chosen anyone else to wear it.

The other Angels walked the runway afterwards, dressed in bright-colored lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret also has a line called Pink that had its own part in the show called University of Pink. Ariana Grande performed four of her songs: “Love Me Harder”, “Bang Bang”, “Break Free”, and “Problem” while sporting a Pink skirt and knee-high boots. All of the Pink attire the models wore was cute and fun outfits with bright colors.

During the dress rehearsal, Grande was actually hit by the wings of one of the Angels, but that part was not included in the taped live show. I love Grande, but I would have enjoyed a laugh from her getting whacked by the wings while performing.

Wings in the Victorias’ Secret Fashion Show are a huge component.

Mitro said, “Wings are truly a major part in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They’ve become so iconic over the years. They’re these amazing, gorgeous props.”

The wings the Angels wear are something I look forward to seeing every year at the show.

Sophomore Jess Benitez said, “I absolutely love the wings in the shows. They are always so over-the-top. I wish I had my own pair.”

The fifth segment was called Fairy Tale, and the models simply looked like fairies.

Mitro described it as a beautiful dream in the woods, which is exactly what it was.

Hozier performed “Take Me To Church”, which I actually thoroughly enjoyed. Swanepoel opened up with a beautiful outfit and extravagant wings. The other Angels walked out with gorgeous outfits in light, silver, and minty colors.

The final segment, and my personal favorite, was the Angel Ball. Swift and her Angel friend, Karlie Kloss, walked out together. Swift wore an all-black lingerie outfit, similar to the models. She performed another one of my favorites from her new album – “Style”.

“Taylor did amazing performing. I’m so glad that she was able to sing again for the second year in a row at the show,” sophomore Emma Trask said.

This part, in my opinion, definitely had the most intricate and beautiful outfits.The models were decked out in black lace, with some in white. It was the perfect way to close out the show, especially with Swanepoel being the last model to walk out.

This year’s show was even better than last year. With the performers, lingerie, and wings this year, it pushed it over the top.

What was your favorite part of the show?

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