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Thanksgiving: 2019 vs. 2020


Covid 19 has taken the world by storm. Stores and salons closed, schools moved to virtual, and everyone separated by 6 feet. Many hoped the pandemic would be under control by the holidays, but unfortunately things aren’t looking that way. As we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and a variety of other celebrations we are left with multiple questions. How different will things be? What will Thanksgiving and other holidays look like? And while there’s no definitive answer for this, I believe it’s an interesting conversation to start having.


Thanksgiving looks different in every family, which is probably one of the most beautiful things about the holiday. When I hear Thanksgiving I think of my family gathering at my aunt's house with a variety of mouth watering foods laid out across a table. When asking some friends, almost everyone included one thing: family and friends.


As Covid cases rise, NJ Governor Phil Murphy has announced new regulations for indoor gatherings, “​General indoor gatherings must be limited to 10 people. All attendees at indoor gatherings must wear face coverings and stay six feet apart.” This rule along with others may make Thanksgiving this year look very different. Many families are choosing to simply enjoy their Thanksgiving with only members of their household and are avoiding inviting anyone over or going to another family member’s home. Others may choose to attend another family member’s Thanksgiving but still follow Covid guidelines. Unfortunately, some may choose not to follow regulations at all.

No matter how this Thanksgiving looks, let’s all use the day to reminisce on our 2020 and pick moments we’re thankful for.


This Thanksgiving might be difficult for many. 2020 has changed life as we know it, and has resulted in struggles across the board. Approaching a holiday that celebrates joy and thankfulness may seem ironic, but I believe it’s important for us to take some time out of our holidays to think about why we celebrate them. This Thanksgiving, I urge everyone to appreciate the moments of light in this dark year, however few and far between they may be. Let’s take a step back to acknowledge ourselves as well, we’ve made it through a pandemic straight out of a Suzanne Collins novel in one piece, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.


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