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Teenager’s guide on where to shop

Fashion is such an essential part of the average teenage girl’s life. We want to feel confident and look good in the clothes we wear. The mall is a cornucopia of fashion and clothing options for men and women of all ages and sizes, but there are some clothing stores that are just better than others in certain areas.

Some have better service, clothing quality, or maybe reasonable and low prices. These are the clothing stores I find to be the best ones for us teenage girls to shop at (in no particular order).

Forever 21: Forever 21 is a clothing store that is definitely one of my favorites to shop at. This is a fantastic store for people who shop on a tight budget yet still want fashionable clothing. Most of the clothes here are really cheap, and you leave the store satisfied with the clothes you bought.

I got a floral dress from here and I think it’s so pretty – and it only cost me about 15 dollars! Also, the people who work at Forever 21 are pretty friendly and will help you if you need it.

My only complaint about this store is that, most of the time, the quality of the clothing material is really cheap, so it can break easily and not last that long. Overall, this store is very good if you want cute clothes that cost less.

Freshman Iliana Bernal said, “Forever 21 is probably my favorite clothing store to shop at. They have really nice clothes and aren’t so unreasonably expensive.”

Aeropostale: Aeropostale is another great option for fashionable teenage clothing. The clothes here are usually fair in quality. The workers here are nice and seem to always be in a good mood.

Plus, there are always so many deals and sales here. Literally every time that I go on its website or enter the store there’s always a sign or banner that reads of a great sale or deal.

The clothing from Aeropostale is also relatively cheap when compared to other clothes from the mall. Sure, it is not as cheap as Forever 21, but you can still get a lot more clothes from here on a budget of, let’s say, $100 than from most other stores.

I usually shop for tops and jeans here, and sometimes I will buy a pair of shoes. They also have really nice fragrances and accessories.

American Eagle Outfitters: Personally, American Eagle Outfitters is my favorite clothing store. I find the clothes to be of fantastic quality, very fashionable, and versatile. The people who work here are also nice most of the time.

Although I love the clothing from American Eagle Outfitters, most of the clothes are sort of expensive.

Hollister: Honestly, I used to not be such a big fan of Hollister. They do have very expensive clothing and had a bad reputation of discrimination against plus-sized customers, but at the Hollister I shop in, I can say that I never witnessed any type of discrimination.

Hollister does have really pretty clothes, though. The style can range from a Californian surfer vibe to really girly clothes. They have good quality clothes, but it all comes at a price – an expensive one. This is one of the reasons I rarely shop here; the clothing is nice, but am I really going to pay $100 for a mere two-three items? I’ll pass.

But if you have the money to spend, then go ahead and shop there if you admire the clothing.

Hot Topic: Hot Topic is such an awesome clothing store that is unlike any other. The store has band t-shirts, Disney clothing, clothes promoting television shows like “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead”, and so much more. The references to various bands, movies, and shows on the clothing is a great element that makes this store so unique.

Freshman Sydney Robjohns said, “I got a shirt from Hot Topic that referenced the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ and I love the shirt so much because ‘The Breakfast Club’ is one of my favorite movies. Bender is bae.”

I’m not going to lie, the clothes can be a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

The quality of the clothes is great and there is such a large variety of styles. Whether you want a t-shirt of Nirvana, One Direction, or The Beatles, there is something for every music lover of any genre of music.

And if you are not a big fan of music, there will be an item for you too. This store has almost everything.

Freshman Monica Santiago said, “I really love fashion and it’s so important to me. The mall has a lot of choices of clothing, and people can express themselves through what they wear.”

Which clothing stores do you enjoy shopping at in the mall?

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