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Take a bite of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

Netflix has recently launched a new show starring Drew Barrymore, who is adjusting to life as a modern day zombie.

The show’s trailer was released on January 17, previewing the adventures that Barrymore goes on, along with onscreen husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant). “Santa Clarita Diet” season one became officially watchable on Netflix on February 3 with a series total of 10 episodes.

The series begins with Barrymore’s character, Sheila, feeling sick and then suddenly feeling better than before. Olyphant grows suspicious as to why his wife’s heart stopped beating and why she is acting so differently. They begin to seek answers as to what has changed in her with help by their daughter Abby (Liv Hewson).

The family then goes to their neighbor Eric (Skyler Gisondo) to explain their situation. Gisondo tells the worried family that Barrymore is indeed undead and needs to consume flesh to survive, not wanting to see what happens if she doesn’t eat.

Joel and Sheila Hammond now struggle to live a normal life as realtors and parents, but luckily have each other to get through the difficult decisions and choices made. The couple now also must kill people to keep Sheila’s undying appetite at bay, but undetected from the suspicion of others.

The first episode is packed with funny lines and dives immediately into the gore. Barrymore and Olyphant really do have onscreen chemistry as a married couple cracking jokes and dealing with new problems they face daily. The duo is truly hilarious.

The first episode hooks you and then you end up watching the entire season in just one day. Once you start watching, you’ll never take you eyes of the screen

Sophomore Zach Pandolfi says, “I had originally watched the trailer for it on Netflix and I had thought it looked pretty decent. When the season came out, I gave it a try and turns out it’s really funny. I kind of didn’t expect Drew Barrymore to be so funny.”

Before “Santa Clarita Diet”, Barrymore had been a very well-known actress for the past few decades. She is remembered mainly for her role as Gertie in the 1982 film “E.T the Extra Terrestrial”. That 1982 film launched her acting career forward and landed her starring roles in movies such as “Firestarter” and “Cat’s Eye.”

Junior Vincent Feretich says, “This show is like modern zombies. I think Drew Barrymore is a great actress and I like a couple of her movies like ‘The Wedding Singer.’ I can’t wait for the next season; hopefully, it’ll be coming sooner than later.”

Joel, played by Olyphant, is insanely funny. Olyphant is mainly known for his villainous supporting roles in movies such as “Scream 2” and “The Girl Next Door.” He stars in comedies and dramas as he balances each genre.

With the first season being a hit on Netflix, it was renewed for a second season sometime in 2018 to follow Sheila and Joel in their misadventures.

If you enjoy shows such as “The Walking Dead,” this show will not disappoint.

How do you think you would enjoy a dark comedy like this?

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