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Senior Spotlight: Audrey Lynch

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

After four years of relentless work, Audrey Lynch is just a couple short months away from graduating and moving on to life after high school. Throughout her high school years, she’s been a volunteer at the Centra State Hospital, but is often journaling and skateboarding on her down time.

She’s been recognized as Student of the Month on multiple occasions as well as being a member of the National Honor Society along with individual Spanish, English, and Science honor societies. Lynch has also served as President for her graduating class and through this, spread school spirit and planned successful fundraisers.

While she loves late night rides listening to Harry Styles with her sister, Faithe, Lynch has found a sense of family with her Falcon family through the lady falcon’s soccer program at the school. She’s been a soccer player for over ten years and had the pleasure of serving as a Varsity captain this past season, with her fondest memories, she says, being bus rides with the team singing Christmas songs and rolling on the turf with teammates when something particularly funny happened at practice.

“...The only soccer team that I have ever truly been able to call my family is that from my high school soccer career...I will never forget the friendships and memories...and am excited for the younger girls who still get to learn just how treasurable being on the team is.”

Working for the orthodontist she once saw as a patient, Dr. Tara, has helped Lynch realize she wants a similar future in orthodontics. Lynch claims she already enjoys patient interactions and the office setting. Another major influence on deciding her future career choice was her favorite teacher from high school, Mr. Esteves. Taking his honors lab biology course freshman year and excelling in it, helped her realize her fascination with biology. Along with being her favorite teacher, Lynch recalls Mr. E as being a role model to her throughout her high school experience, with her favorite memory from his class being his lesson on purines versus pyrimidines.

In hopes of fostering this passion of orthodontics and biology of hers, Lynch is planning on attending either Princeton University, Northwestern University, or UCLA in the fall of 2021 with a major in biochemistry and minor in ethnographic and gender/sexuality studies. She has an end goal of becoming either a surgeon or orthodontist and plans on attending medical or dental school to determine this. Although her choice of her major is clear, she picked an accompanying minor to learn about and help prevent any sort of discrimination in the field she sees herself becoming a part of one day. In the midst of deciding where to commit to, above all, Lynch hopes to make the most of her last days as a Monroe Falcon.

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