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Running to fight arthritis

by JUSTIN LOCK Staff Writer

The 5K run hosted by the Athletic Training Club and the Spanish Honor Society to support the Arthritis Foundation and school organizations was held on May 19 in Thompson Park.

   The goal for hosting this run is to raise money and awareness for people affected by arthritis. Half of the amount of the money raised will go to the Arthritis Foundation. The rest of the money will be used to give scholarship money to honor students and to support the Athletic Training Program.

   The event was open to the public to participate and people signed up for the children’s 100 yard or the regular Falcon 5K run.

   Freshman Amanda Koluda said, “A lot of people from the track team were in the race.”

   Participants picked up a race packet and the race started at 9:00 a.m. The kids fun run started at 10:00 a.m, and awards and food were given at 10:30 a.m.

   Runners warmed up by jogging around the school and stretching before the race began.

   Freshman Evan Pron, who came in second place said, “I basically watch what I ate the day before and stretch a lot.”

   Pron suggested eating pasta the day before a long run and to drink water.

   The race course was the perimeter of the Thompson Park soccer fields and started on an open field so the runners could spread out.

   Parents and children also walked behind the runners on the race course. Toward the middle of the race, it began raining, but the race still went on.

   Runners received t-shirts, prizes for getting the best times, and food. There was also computer timing to ensure everyone knew how long for which they were running.

   Before the run, runners could get energy drinks and water, along with bagels, apples, oranges, muffins, and bananas.

   The Falcon 5K run cost 25 dollars and the kids fun run cost 10 dollars to participate. There was on site registration for people that did not sign up beforehand. At least 200 people participated in the race.

   People also participated as a business or a vendor. Vendors rented a space on the turf field for at least 25 dollars. Companies or organizations supported the cause to have their name known to the public, to generate goodwill, and support people that have arthritis.

   The biggest sponsor this year for the run was United Stationers and they participated in the Free Wheel Chair Mission, which helps get wheelchairs for people that need it, but do not have one.

   At the Falcon 5K run, there was a Free Wheel Chair Mission table where anyone that donates 10 dollars to buy a wheelchair for those who do not have one can have their picture taken and framed.

   Are you thinking of participating in the Falcon 5K run next year?

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