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Rising with Seniors '24

Senior Sunrise poster! (Sept. 22, 2023)

Who would’ve thought that over 150 seniors would arrive at school for a 6:15am sunrise? Maybe it was the Instagram pictures or perhaps the keepsake bracelets that helped draw in the large crowd. Regardless, it was incredible to see such a high turnout on Friday morning.

By 6:30am, the open field outside the “Foods” hallway was scattered with blankets and Wawa bagels. The crisp morning air and colorful sky contributed to the atmosphere, enhancing the scenery for Instagram backgrounds.

Seniors posed in front of the beautiful sunrise throughout the morning!

The $5 entry fee covered a Wawa bagel and the custom "Senior Sunrise" rubber bracelet. $1 water bottles were also available for purchase throughout the morning, quenching thirst buds of countless seniors!

In my opinion, the most difficult decision was whether you wanted butter or cream cheese on the bagel. I opted for butter, but I'm curious to see what you guys chose in the comments below!

One student who I spoke with expressed her appreciation for such a well-run event.

I can't believe we will be graduating this school year! It's hard to wrap my head around... Events like these make me thankful for all the friends I've made throughout high school.

Thank you to all student and faculty volunteers for making this Senior Sunrise so special. Shoutout to Miss Dale and Mr. Giaquinto (pictured in the bottom photo) for constantly providing the Class of 2024 with incredible opportunities and experiences. Looking forward to upcoming events such as the Senior Sunset and Senior Prom with the Class of 2024! Go Falcons!

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