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Rebel shooting closes Donetsk Airport

by EDWARD PINTO Section Editor

A deadly fight between Pro-Russian separatists and military forces at Donetsk Airport claimed over 40 lives on Monday, May 26, which is the most violence the city has encountered since the beginning of the crisis.

Many more people were injured, mostly civilians, and the airport officially closed. Over 30 separatists were killed and more than 60 of them injured.

A four person military team invaded the airport and shortly after there were reports of gunfire. The four people were from Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, and Turkey.

The operating system team says they still cannot get in contact with the team. They are working with their on-ground specialists to locate the team as quickly as possible.

Ukrainian military officers had gained control over the situation on Tuesday while the gunfire was easing away.

Gunfire was heard throughout Monday and into the early morning of Tuesday. Blown up trucks were set off by grenades, with human remains lying everywhere.

A spokeswoman for the group offered a three-hour truce that let the group leave the city without being apprehended. The military was planning to bomb separatists hideouts and buildings if they did not leave completely.

The government, of course, denied any speculation of a truce and said the killers would be found.

“Everyday in the news I hear about tragedies that occur either in the Middle East or in Eastern Europe and it seems like it’s getting worse and worse. Hopefully this won’t lead to a bigger war, and the police and military can control the terrorists in their own country,” said sophomore Joe Delao.

Most of the people killed were separatists, and most were found torn apart due to blasts and heavy weaponry. Locals came to find belongings and identify their family members from among the dead.

Since the start of the crisis, this is the worst shooting Donetsk, eastern Ukraine has seen. Government forces urged citizens to stay inside their homes and store owners to shut down with the roaring of gunfire cracking through the air.

As Ukrainian citizens elected a new president, the fight against militants in the east has blown out of proportion. The government is now taking full responsibility on being able to shut out every single militant. Now deep into the crisis, the government has intensified its anti-terrorism operation because of the new president in Petro Poroshenko.

“I heard about the shooting on the news and to be honest, it just sounds like another day in Ukraine. Eastern Europe has been in a major downfall these past couple of years, and if they do not take greater action, then it could lead to something bigger,” said sophomore Colin Parker.

What do you think of the shootings? Will Ukraine ever go back to normal or will there always be gunfire by opposite groups?

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