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Psyched for the Switch

Nintendo’s newest console was released on March 3, and fans are excited. Since the initial reveal of the Switch, gamers could not wait to play the exclusive games on the innovative hardware.

The Switch is a hybrid console that can be played away from the television. The console comes packaged with a tablet that can be played on, but also a dock that the tablet can sit in. When the tablet is in the dock, the switch can be played on the TV with an HDMI cable.

Most newer consoles use blu-Ray discs for their games; however, the Switch uses cartridges, similar to Nintendo’s portable console the 3DS. The use of this format is effective to the portability aspect of the Switch.

The Switch can be taken on the go, with no limit to how far. The cartridges are inserted into the tablet to change games while outside of the house. This allows users to play the Switch even when someone is using the TV, or if a TV is not present in a household.

Freshman Pranav Yalamala says, “Being able to play expansive games on the go, that handheld consoles can’t normally run, is one of the Switch’s greatest features.”

Two controllers, known as Joy-cons, are packaged in with the system. These remotes, one left and one right, attach to the respective sides of the tablet. The Joy-cons can also be used when detached from the tablet, with one Joy-con in each hand, or re-attached to a controller grip for a more conventional way of playing. For multiplayer games, the Joy-cons can be split between two people.

If a player finds the Joy-cons to be uncomfortable or unappealing, a pro controller will be sold separately that more closely resembles an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Long-time Nintendo fans are most excited for the exclusive games. At launch, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was released. First shown off at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in 2014, the game was delayed twice, pushing the release back three years. Even though the game was delayed, the hype never faltered.

The console contains 32 gigabytes of space, but about six or seven gigabytes will be used for the operating system. Downloading games on the Switch will fill that storage fast, so a micro SDXC card is recommended. For example, “Breath of the Wild” takes up 13.4 GB worth of space, about half of the internal storage.

After the financial failure of Nintendo’s previous home console, the company looks to provide what the Wii U had lacked. The console received little support from third party developers, which Nintendo has countered with a list of over 50 game developers for the Switch. A small launch game lineup for the Wii U was the cause of weak initial sales, but this time, “Breath of the Wild” sold the console on release.

Freshman Ryan Hyjack says, “Never before have these types of games and graphics had the ability to be portable. This is Nintendo’s last chance to redeem themselves over the failure of the Wii U, and they’re putting all of their effort into this. This is sure to be one of the most revolutionary consoles on the market.”

The Switch is the first of its kind – a portable home system. Nintendo has ensured the features would be worth the asking price and investment.

What is your favorite aspect of the Switch, and does this feature warrant a purchase?

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