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Preparation for final exams

by JASON AQUINO Staff Writer

The new Coach’s Club’s offers help to students studying for final exams and with other academic related material, including improving organization The club, advised by AVID and Lab Biology teacher Ms. Tina Lambiase, is promoting her club by offering help in any student’s classes. Ms. Lambiase said, “This club is to help students realize their potential and to work towards improving their skills to reach their goals.” The Coach’s Club will teach many strategies designed by the AVID program, such as how to juggle a heavy workload. Freshman Frank Seltzer says students that go to the club can learn “time management skills, pacing yourself properly, how to study for finals, and maybe you can get help from particular subject area teachers.” The club was originally designed to help students work on schoolwork. However, the current goal for the Coach’s Club is to help students study for final exams so that they can pass for the year. Students who are struggling with low grades are urged to participate in club. The Coach’s Club was also created to help students with any projects, homework, missed work, and studying for finals, tests, quizzes, PSAT, and SAT exams. Learning how to take Cornell Notes, a more advanced style of note-taking, is another lesson that is taught in the club. Staff members join Ms. Lambiase in the Coach’s Club to help students learn how to improve their study habits and use different working techniques that could benefit them in the future. The setting will allow students to exchange insight, ideas, and general discussions about various classes while absorbing the lessons taught by the tutors and faculty members of the Coach’s Club. Ms. Lambiase said, “Many students need help in improving their organization, studying, and note taking skills, and this club will help students to master these strategies. It will be a comfortable place to get support from faculty and other students.” Principal’s List, Honors, AVID, Advanced Placement, and regular level students will also have the opportunity to tutor their peers in classes they are struggling in. Freshman Nicole Farganis said, “I think it would allow non-AVID kids to be able to see and learn how AVID kids learn because the club will teach and represent AVID strategies that would, in my opinion, benefit anyone who is willing to listen to those ideas.”

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