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Parent-shaming on the Internet

by ALISON LEVIER Section Editor

In the digital age, cyber-bullying is inevitable. What most do not realize is that children are not the only ones doing the bullying.

Lately it has become a trend for parents to take the discipline of their child online, posting it on either Facebook or YouTube to further humiliate their child.

For example, take that parent who posted a photo on Facebook of her child holding up a sign, explaining how he would have to return the PS3 he received for Christmas and use the refund money to buy gifts for less fortunate children, just because he did not enjoy the gift he received at church.

Now, all I have to say is, why is that necessary? Why is it necessary to add insult to injury and embarrass a child on the internet? It is a very cynical thing to do–almost attention-seeking.

It is my personal belief that parents should leave their discipline methods off the Internet. I cannot even believe I just said that, because it is so unfathomable to me that parents would be so immature as to post themselves punishing their child online.

“Are you serious? Why would a parent post anything like that online? I honestly have no words…that’s just insane,” said sophomore Anne Ballman.

Teachers, parents, adults in general are always telling children to be nice to one another, never to purposely humiliate anyone in front of a large crowd.

“All our teachers are always telling us not to cyber-bully, but honestly I think this counts. How are kids supposed to know what not to do if parents don’t set a good example?” said sophomore Liz Marchese.

Could this be a new parenting method? If it is, I am sorry to all the kids out there whose friends are going to know all about how they never clean their room.

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