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MTHS Student Election Reform!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

At MTHS, there is a new change in the student election process this year. Previously, the way of electing students could be considered unfair due to the fact that their requirements to run were not properly structured. It also allowed anyone to run for a position, even without experience. The reform lets students who participate frequently in school activities and the community have a chance of being elected.

Class Officer Scoring Rubric

There are a certain amount of requirements to campaign to be one of the class officers- specific things for a person to be even considered to take part in this program. There are 4 different categories that the scores will be added together for a full score; Experience, Teacher Recommendation/Commitment Statement, Interview, and Writing Sample. To be considered for an officer position, you have to score at least 30 points out of the 50 points on the rubric. 15 of those points out of the 30 must also come from the Experience portion which is further explained below. There is a form where name, contact information, and position applying for is recorded.


This portion of the rubric is 30 points of the total score, but only 15 points are required to come from Experience. In this section, one of the requirements are to attend the bi-monthly meetings that take place for each grade (9th and 10th grade). Doing this accounts for 4 points. Another one point is added if you are on time and stay for the whole meeting. Attended hall decorating (for certain special events) or Helped Advisor with Class Door, is worth 10 points. Participating in fundraisers, in general, is a very good service opportunity as well as the earning of 5 points. Going off of this, helping set up or working at dances or major events at school such as Prom totals up to 10 points as well. Basically, being a community-involved student is what helps in this Experience portion.

Teacher Recommendation/Commitment Statement

This part of the rubric is 3 points of the total score. To run, you must submit a recommendation sheet and a commitment statement that explains why you are suited for the officer position. This accounts for 1 out of the 3 points. 2 points are added if these recommendations include three of MTHS’s staff members’ signatures.


This portion weighs in 9 points of the total score. During this interview, formal attire must be worn (1 point). Having a positive attitude (1 point) shows that you are patient, and can be welcoming to the student body. The answers to the questions asked were relevant and thoughtful (5 points). Doing this proves that you can solve problems in a careful manner and that you behave responsibly. Having knowledge of class activities and occurring (1 point) shows that you are actively working with your fellow peers. Demonstrating school spirit (1 point) is always just a point that allows for the student to show their school pride. The panel of advisors determine if the candidate is fit to run for their desired position. Only after the interview can someone start campaigning for their run.

Writing Sample

This part is 8 points of your whole score, and it’s the last category of the rubric to run. The writing sample must clearly answer the prompt (5 points), and it should be well written (3 points). You will be asked to write the essay right after your interview. The topic of the written work will be later decided.

The Reform of the Student Election

There has been a definite change in the way students can be elected for a school position. Before, in the previous years, anyone was allowed to run for a position, and often times, popularity won out. All you needed was a teacher recommendation and few other little things to apply. This year, the staff has decided that there needs to be a structured way to decide who is qualified to be voted on for the student body election. There’s a rubric with different categories (discussed above) that helps the advisors decide if a candidate is fit to run. Either way, running for the different positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board of Education representative- only open to a sophomore becoming a junior) allow for a growth of the student’s character itself.

Do you agree with the new student class officer election reform?

  1. Yes, it will help to ensure great leaders!

  2. No, our election system worked great before!

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