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MTHS Ski Club is Back in Action!

Monroe Township High School students are in for a winter treat as the Ski Club makes an exciting return! (Instagram: @mths.skiclub)

As Monroe Township students, we’re fortunate to have a wealth of extracurricular opportunities. From our Cheerleading program to the STEM track, our school offers experiences that are comparable to collegiate campuses! However, if you are into shredding up the mountains and skiing in the winter, you have been out of luck… until NOW!

The Monroe Township Rec Ski Club was initially created 16 years ago by Mr. Olszewski, a teacher at Monroe Township High School (MTHS). However, the perfect storm of Covid-19 isolation swept the club off the map and left interested ski enthusiasts without a community to thrive.

Thankfully, a group of MTHS students (Gwen Singer, Addison Lu and Maddie Agcaoili) have made it their mission to revive the club and bring this opportunity back on the table. These members of the Sophomore Class of 2026 have carved out time to contact members of the town, school, and Monroe Recreation Center. Their persistence and hardworking spirit were rewarded by a successful Ski Club introduction meeting on October 5th.

Maddie Agcaoili, a leader of the Ski Club revitalization, explained that it was important for her to bring back the community “...because of [her] brother who was originally in the club before it disbanded.” This ambition and sudden interest demonstrates the journey we have had since Covid-19. Despite the adversity, it’s exciting to see that students will once again have opportunities to shred the slopes and join a tight-knit MTHS Ski Club community.

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or simply building bonds with your peers, check out the MTHS Ski Club Instagram @mths.skiclub for more information!

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