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MTHS Challenge Week

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

As many of us may know, last week was a school-wide Challenge Week, with every day assigned to a different form of “Be The Change!” activities. These activities are designed to bring the student body closer together, as Challenge Day was designed to, and to inspire positive action and connection within the Monroe Township High School.

“Everyone had such a positive experience with Challenge Day, that I think they were more willing to participate in Challenge Week,” says sophomore Amanda Campanaro.

Monday’s activity was to give out compliments to whomever you wanted. Students, friends, teachers and parents were all receiving positive reinforcement, just what the day was designed to do. This day was to make everyone feel confident about themselves, and for the more quiet people to compliment those whom they have always wanted to compliment.

Tuesday was “Mix it Up” day. Students were encouraged to meet at least one new person that day, whether it be the new student in class or just someone whom they have never gotten the chance to talk to. Eating lunch with new people was a great way for students to meet new people and make new friends.

On Wednesday, students and teachers were all supposed to clean up the school as much as they could. “Protect Our Home” was meant to raise awareness of the facility, and to encourage people to take a brief moment to pick up that piece of scrap paper on the floor.

In addition to Thursday being Valentine’s Day, students were asked to forgive someone from their past who did something wrong. “Heal Old Wounds” encouraged students to say sorry, and to forgive someone who had hurt them.

Friday, being the last day of Challenge Week, was “Show some Love” by thanking someone you love and care about, and give a minimum of 12 hugs that day!

“Throughout the week, I saw more and more kids start to become aware of the Challenge Day week, and the activities started to get more fun,” says sophomore Catarina Santo.

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