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MTHS’ Beagan named Sayreville’s new head coach

Chris Beagan, a former physical education teacher here at Monroe Township High School and the football team’s head coach, was officially named Sayreville War Memorial High School’s head coach for their football program on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Beagan was also offered a job to teach physical education and strength and conditioning coach at Sayreville.

“I was definitely not expecting Beagan to be named Sayreville’s head coach,” said sophomore Alex Raghunandan.

Beagan was chosen over 44 other possible coaches who applied for the position.

Sayreville’s superintendent, Richard Labbe, said that they found the best coach they could have asked for.

“I believe it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, which is the reason I considered it. When the job opened up, it was a dream job and that’s why I’m back here. It drew me back,” Beagan said.

Beagan had previously taught physical education at Sayreville, and was the head coach for wrestling. He was also the defensive coordinator in football where he worked with George Najjar, the former head coach that he will be replacing.

He first started off as an assistant coach in 1997 at Sayreville, helping Najjar and the football program win a sectional championship.

Najjar was suspended with pay on October 16, 2014 after hazing allegations arose.

Sayreville’s football season was ended when the program came under investigation after younger players began to speak up about the horrors they faced in the locker room.

Three freshmen told “The New York Times” that the hazing usually started when the older players would shut the lights off and shout “hootie-hoo”. They would take a freshman and inappropriately touch him. In one case, a freshman was also kicked.

Seven players, all 17 or younger, were charged in November 2014, and will be tried as juveniles. Their charges range from hazing and conspiracy to commit sexual contact.

Four assistant coaches were also suspended with pay, but were reinstated.

Beagan says he will fill up his coaching staff, as well as meet the Sayreville football team members and their parents.

Beagan said, “I know generally we would meet with our parents in May. Given the situation with the new hire, I’d want to get in front of them as soon as possible to answer any questions they may have and certainly introduce myself to the new players.”

Beagan himself attended Sayreville War Memorial High School where he graduated in 1990, his parents being born and raised there as well.

Sal Mistretta, a former head coach at Sayreville, said, “He’s a Sayreville kid. He understands the background, and the fact that he has coached in that program under the previous coach, I think that’s a definite plus.”

For 11 years, Beagan coached here at Monroe Township High School, accumulating a 39-33 record for our football team.

An anonymous student said, “I really wish he was not leaving to go coach Sayreville. But it is a big opportunity for him and maybe he can help build that program back up.”

Beagan’s new coaching position is effective immediately, according to the Board of Education.

What do you think of Beagan’s new position as head coach for the Sayreville Bombers’ football team?

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