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Model UN Highlights

The Monroe Model United Nations delegation recently had their conference at Hershey Park.

Hiba Siddiqui- February 14    

This image showcases the members of the Monroe Township Model UN delegation.

Model United Nations is an unique program that encourages civic engagement. The conference stimulates what occurs in the UN. The conference is fully planned and executed by high school students who are yearning to get involved in civic issues. The main goals of the YMCA  Model UN is to help students find their voice, develop global understandings, serve others, and build community. The Model UN gives a chance for students to expand their problem-solving abilities and make solutions to help the real world. Going to the Model UN conference is a worthwhile experience as it fosters critical thinking and analysis of real-world problems. 

The three-day long conference goes by in a flash filled with resolution writing and collaborating with others. Each individual who is a part of the conference is assigned a country and represents the country’s views on certain topics addressed in each committee. Students learn to expand their viewpoints and learn about the real-life issues other countries are facing. The comfortable environment inspires everyone to speak in  front of their committee and allows for people to find long-lasting friendships. Everyone who attends YMCA Model UN always grows and learns so much as they are exposed to a broader scope of the world. 

In the Monroe Township Delegation, everyone at the conference reported back their positive experience all highlighting the impact the three-day long trip had on them. Some of the delegation members gave their personal reflections on the experience. Nivriti A said, “Conference was honestly one of the most fun things.... Being able to be civically engaged...made me remember what my real passions are...felt  invigorating and almost like I was alive again.” Another student, Anisa P said, “I had a great time at model UN...each year I learn more and improve on my public speaking skills... It also helped me make lasting relationships that I will always look back on and remember.” 

The YMCA Model United Nations conference at Hershey Lodge was a truly rewarding experience that everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone was exposed to great debate and were able to use the conference as a starting point to grow on. Everyone came back from the conference with something new that they earned whether it was friendship, a new respect for a country, or the ability to be more comfortable in public speaking. The mission of YMCA Model UN is to build the global leaders of tomorrow, today. Each person at the conference is one step closer to accomplishing this mission.

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