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Looking Back on 2023

2023 was a year to remember, definitely one we won't forget, that's for sure! (Image Source:

As the clock strikes midnight and the year comes to a close, it makes us really think about what this year has given us, from pop culture aspects to personal blessings. Over the course of 365 days, wars have broken out, submarines have gone missing, new shows and movies have won awards, and so much more! We as a society have come so far and yet somehow lost so much at the same time. Here's a rewind of some 2023 highlights (and lowlights)...


During this year, one of the biggest conflicts globally was the outbreak of wars, from the current Israel and Palestine conflict to the Russia and Ukraine war. Currently, statistics show that around 32 countries are engaged in battle. Thankfully, the United States isn't in as much political crisis regarding battles this year.

Pop culture events:

Since the creation of social media, pop culture events spread quicker than ever. This means that there have been millions of different topics curated over this year. However, here are some important events that stuck out to me:

- Taylor Swift took over 2023 by going on a global tour across countries like France, Italy, Germany, and more! She became one of the most listened-to artists in the industry. Her shows have been powerful enough to alter the trajectory of major economies due to the number of people traveling to see her.

- One of the biggest news in the pop culture field this year was the destruction of the titan, a small submarine set to tour the remains of the Titanic steered by a game-like controller. This submarine, carrying 5 passengers including a father and son, exploded at the threshold of the ship. A surge of chaos spread for 48 hours in hopes to find them but unfortunately, there was no luck. They sadly didn't make it.

- The biggest motion picture of the year was Barbie, a Gen-Z version of the original Mattel doll who has a mental breakdown and must travel to the human world to fix the mess she made. This film depicts true-life struggles in the modern world and helped viewers better relate to the much-loved Barbie. This movie has had various themes like motherhood, women’s struggles, empowerment, and equality. In the end, this movie broke box office records and won awards. Trends were created around this movie as well, such as the popularity of the color pink, the idea of dressing up to go to the movies, and of course a handful of TikTok ideas involving new songs and dances!

Climate issues:

Another big theme this year was issues with climate change and environmental issues. The biggest issues regarded fossil fuels, food waste, and plastic pollution. As our society prospers in agricultural and industrial aspects, our planet becomes more and more consumed with the waste those create. A big villain in our planet's health is actually ourselves! From plastic to food waste, our pollution and waste increased by 50% in 2023. This year we saw for the first time in history flowers growing in the arctic. The coldest inhabitable part of the earth is able to sustain vegetation due to the ice caps melting, caused by fossil fuels and toxic chemicals filling our earth. Who would've thought that flowers could be so scary and dangerous?!

Every year, we as a society surround New Year's with the negative connotation that we must create a new version of ourselves and change everything. Personally, I believe that as the year comes to an end, we should reflect on the good that came to us and possibly create new goals we want to pursue in the future year. I like to create goals that I know are achievable and not be too hard on myself for not reaching every single one. More often than not, people like to put all their energy into those big goals in the first few months when really they should be taking it step by step.

As 2024 creeps up on us, we start to think about what this year will bring. Every new year is a 50/50 shot at being a good or bad year. Personally, I believe if you go into the year with a bad mindset, then you will have a bad year. Traditions are in place to help people cope with the unknowing of the year to come. If you want love to come into your life, eat 12 grapes and sit under a table while the ball drops. Carrying around a suitcase will bring a year full of travel and new adventures. Sweep out the porch with the doors and windows open to get rid of any bad vibes and spirits. These superstitions are in place to give people hope, and some might even give you the confidence that you need going into the new year!

What are you bringing into the new year, and what’s staying behind in 2023?

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