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Jack's Week 11 NFL Player Breakdown

Top 5 Performances
  1. Jonathan Taylor - Taylor coming in at number one for the week is no surprise as the second year starting running almost tied the touchdown record for a running back logging 5 total touchdowns on the day. he put on an elite performance accumulating over 200 yards on the day as well as scoring 5 touchdowns to blowout the Bills 41 to 15.

  2. Justin Jefferson - Another no brainer on this list is Justin Jefferson as he is the Vikings top WR for the year. in an immensely close game against the Green Bay Packers, he logged 172 total yards as well as scoring 2 touchdowns putting the Vikings on top of this game.

  3. Austin Ekeler - This guy has continuously blown everyone’s minds with the amount of versatility and skill he brings to the LA chargers offense. He had a monster day logging 115 total yards and scoring 3 total touchdowns on the day. He split his yards up between rushing and receiving pretty evenly showing how versatile he can be.

  4. Joe Mixon - Joe Mixon is emerging as one of the top running backs of the season with multiple top tier running backs hurt and he has slowly become the focal point of the Cincinnati Bengals offense. He logged 123 total yards on the day and 2 touchdowns to hold the Bangles lead over the Raiders and secure the win.

  5. Davante Adams - This is another familiar name that you will see a lot throughout the NFL season. Adams is always putting up crazy numbers and he does it consistently too. Even though he couldn't spark any last second mojo for the Packers, he did logg 115 receiving yards and a solid 2 touchdowns in an effort to almost come back against the Minnesota Vikings.

Trending Up List
  1. Justin Herbert (QB) - After having a major bounce back week, the second year young star has once again proven his worth in a major shoutout game. Herbert threw for 382 yards and 3 touchdowns and even led the team in rushing yards with 90, skyrocketing his total yardage on the day to almost 500. He proved how much talent he has and how high of a ceiling he comes with. With some favorable matchups ahead, look for some monster performances from this kid.

  2. Kirk Cousins (QB) - With the playoffs edging closer and the future of many teams on the line, Kirk Cousins had to prove his worth. He threw for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns in the game of the week against the Packers. With the game on the line and only minutes to go, Kirk showed up. He had a monster game and is really starting to heat up. He has two deadly wide receivers that’ll catch anything he throws so look for the Vikings to be on the hunt for a playoff spot and Kirk to have some huge games ahead.

  3. Elijah Moore (WR) - Although his team won't be making the playoffs, Moore has risen as the lead receiver in the Jets offense. With Michael Carter injured and an offense in need of a spark, this is your man and he’s not too highly priced in most fantasy leagues. The Jets offense isn’t appealing at all but the kid has a lot of talent and promise and I just don't see how you could go wrong with him right Now. He’ll be a target machine with the Jets usually down in most games in need of some long drives in the air.

  4. Diontae Johnson (WR) - He is one of, if not the most, consistent Wide receivers in the NFL as of right now, and one of my favorite players to own for fantasy. With a solid 7 receptions, 101 yards and a touchdown this week, Diontae will put a smile on your face every game. Even though his quarterback (Ben Rothlisberger) is getting old and very immobile, he loves throwing to Dionate no matter the play. At this point of the season you want a guy who is guaranteed points and Dionate has one of the highest floors in the game as of now so you can expect a great game each week. The Steelers are in the hunt for a playoff spot and will want Dionate on every play.

  5. Darnel Mooney (WR) - The Chicago Bears offense has been in shambles the whole season but with rookie QB Justin Fields injured, the veteran backup Andy Dalton stepped up but not enough to get the win over the Ravens. Even though the Bears lost, Mooney and Dalton immediately clicked with Dalton completing a 50 yard touchdown pass on his second pass of the game after taking over for the injured Justin Fields. Mooney was targeted 16 times, almost the same number of targets as the rest of the Bears receivers combined. There is a lot of potential and future production waiting for Mooney with Allen Robinson also out leaving Mooney as the WR1 the rest of the way through the season. Look to Mooney for high yardage and target games.

  6. James Conner (RB) - Conner has had a lot of weight placed on his shoulders with the Cardinals' starting quarterback’s health status unpredictable and their star wide receiver injured. The Cardinals need producers and the one guy they can look to is Conner whether it's putting up a multi touchdown game or a huge yardage day. He is the most productive guy the Cardinals have to rely on at a point of the season where they need to secure a first overall playoff spot and bye. He is averaging about 1 touchdown every game and is tied for 3rd in NFL touchdowns as of right now with 13.

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