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Girls spring track season begins

by AMY LASSITER Staff Writer

The MTHS girls track team finally started their spring season on March 4 after much anticipation from the players.

Members of the track team spend several hours a week practicing and training for their next meet. If you have ever witnessed a cross country practice, you will know how truly devoted these girls are toward reaching their goals.

“In track, we work hard every day to try and improve. We work together to help improve and encourage each other while everyone cheers each other on. The upper class-men really help to teach us pacing and give us tips. It is really fun even if some workouts are hard,” said freshman Diyaa Capil.

Many people may assume that cross country is a simple sport, but they would be wrong. Cross country takes a large amount of speed, agility, confidence, and trust. The girls of MTHS’s track team strive for the best and never give up.

The track team has a diverse number of daily training workouts that they complete in order to keep up their shape. Some of these include striders (runs of about 100m that take the speed and agility one would use while running a 1500m race), ab exercises, and other cross trainings like swimming, cycling, and yoga.

“The overall experience is great. Throughout the seasons not only have my times improved, but I’ve made amazing friendships. The girls on the team have a really strong bond, and you feel like part of a family. It’s a very fun and friendly environment and everybody gets along really well. The coaches really motivate you and make you push yourself to do your best. It’s just an overall amazing experience that is a big part of my high school life,” said junior Casey Eggers.

They competed against many other cross country teams last season. Their races can range from two schools competing against each other to as many as 20 schools competing in an invitational race.

There are a variety of events for the players to compete in such as sprinting, hurdling, distance, throwing, pole vaulting, and jumping. Each of these takes a different combination of speed, agility, and endurance in order to complete and excel in.

The girls track team had a great fall season and is hoping to have an even better spring one.

“We’re definitely better than last season. This season so far has been going well. Everyone seems to be dedicated and working hard and running good times and acting as a real family,” said senior and team captain Kirsten Sebastian.

The girls track team is practicing every day to stay focused and strong. Through the rain, the cold, and even the heat, they will never give up or lose their spirit. Good luck to all the team members participating in cross country this season (not that they need it!).

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