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Flying Lady Falcons

by SASHA RISKO Staff Writer

The girls varsity basketball team has an impressive record of 20 wins to 4 losses, one of the best seasons they have ever had.

They recently made it into the GMCs for the 2013-14 season, after three months of hard work.

The coaching staff includes head variety coach Ms. Leigh Vogtman, junior variety coach Mr. Keith Hudak, and freshman coach Mr. Sean Field.

According to freshman player Angela Campanaro, practice is five days a week, starts after school and usually ends around 5:15. The players work hard to play their best in each upcoming game.

“Playing basketball has always been a hobby of mine, and being able to be a part of the team this year was such a good experience,” said Campanaro. “I really look forward to next season and hope I’ll eventually make varsity.”

The freshman girls have an undefeated record, and recently won their game against East Brunswick 23-20, bringing their record to 17 wins. The coaches are very proud of their hard work and dedication to the sport; they break their backs trying to be the best they can be.

Freshman Emily Haddad said, “I’ve played basketball ever since I was a kid, and being on the team this year was really fun, and I hope to move up to varsity one day.”

The varsity team recently had an amazing win at their away game against Sayerville on Saturday, February 22, with a score of 53-52. However, they lost their last game on Monday, February 24 against Piscataway 62-48, and against Monmouth 59-35 on Friday, February 28.

Sophomore varsity forward Erin Seppi is the team’s best rebounder, with got 23 rebounds in the game against Sayerville. Senior point guard Erica Junquet is the team’s leading scorer, and scores on average of 16 points per game. Junior guard Cindy Forresta follows Junquet closely as the second leading scorer, with an average of 14 points per game.

The girls recently won the title of White Division Champions in their game against Sayerville on February 22.

“This season has gone really well for the girls and they are working very well together as a team and are getting recognized for their efforts,” said coach Mr Fields.

Their next game will be played against West Windsor at West Windsor South on Tuesday, March 4 at 4pm.

Will you continue to support our girls basketball teams?

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