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First ever self-tanning innovation

by SOPHIA D’ADAMO Staff Writer

As a leader in self-tanning, Clarins, a French luxury beauty cosmetics company, wanted to reenergize the industry with the breakthrough innovation. On February 3, 2014, Golden Glow Booster was shipped from their warehouse in Orangeburg, New York, promising healthy and glowing skin.

With just three drops added to any moisturizer, Golden Glow Booster transforms your complexion into a sun-kissed glow. Customers are able to enjoy the skin care benefits of their day or night cream with the added benefit of 365 days of golden, healthy-looking skin.

Freshman Alexis Vigario said, “It was so easy to use with my proactive moisturizer. I love the soft feeling it gave to my skin and the natural color.”

The best part is that you can achieve this look with a formula that is 99.8 percent natural. Golden Glow Booster contains dihydroxyaceton, also known as DHA, which interacts on the surface of your skin in order to give you a beautiful, healthy, and even glow. Combined with erythrulose, the DHA creates perfectly natural-looking skin.

In addition to these natural ingredients, it is also enriched with Aloe Vera to moisturize, soften, and comfort skin.

Freshman Thayz Queiroz said, “I loved the results I got from using Golden Glow Booster, but what I love even more is that it is natural and good for my skin.”

My experience with Golden Glow Booster has been successful. It has given me the sun-kissed skin that it promised. It was really simple to put on and it made my skin look much healthier. I am very impressed with the product and happy with the results.

Clarins Golden Glow Booster is for customers of any age, skin type, or nationality. This is the perfect product for women who want a healthy glow all year round, but who do not want to change their daily beauty routine.

It is great for both men and women who want to prolong their tan, but who are hesitant to use a self-tanner because of the strong odor and uneven results. It is also the smart and safe choice to a bronze look without the risks and negative effects of the sun.

Test results indicate that Golden Glow Booster is sure to be successful. It was tested on 61 women and within 12 hours of application, 83 percent said it gave them a natural tan, 90 percent said it gave them an even tan, and 86 percent said that there were no visible marks.

After 10 days of regular use, 82 percent said that the tan was long-lasting and 74 percent said that the tan intensity could be adjusted after using the product. Ninety-one percent of the women said that their skin was able to adapt to their skin tone.

Clarins is a manufacturer of prestige skincare, makeup, and fragrance, and is also known for their high quality sun care and self-tanning products. Clarins is currently the number one ranking self-tanning brand in U.S department and specialty stores, and has the number one self-tanning product, Instant Gel Self Tan.

This spring, customers will be running to their local department stores to purchase new Golden Glow Booster, the first of its kind in the U.S. prestige cosmetics market.

Clarins projects to sell 40,000 bottles, generating $1.2 million this year with each bottle at $30. After three weeks, Clarins has sold 5,013 bottles of Golden Glow Booster. With a five star rating at specialty stores like Sephora, Golden Glow Booster is sure to become a must-have in everyone’s beauty routine.

Will you get your glow on this season with Clarins?

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