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Feminists ridiculed for their belief in equal treatment

With over 843k followers, the Meninist twitter account was made specifically to ridicule and contradict feminists and everything for which they stand.

Feminism is not saying that women are superior to men. Instead, feminism is about equality for all. Feminism is about supporting victims of rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc. People who are feminists work to support those affected and ensure that they do not feel like it is their fault. It does not matter what someone is wearing, no one should be abused or mistreated.

Likewise, feminism reaches out to all. Feminism protects those in the LGBT community, helping everyone to feel safe in any environment. Feminism reaches out to male victims of rape, letting them know they are not weak or wrong.

Feminism is not opposed to chivalry and compliments from men. However, it is opposed to cat calling, slut shaming and the many other ways women are meant to feel inferior or scared of men.

NO WORDS: Meninsts showing off their sense of entitlement that women's bodies are theirs to look at. It is actually disgusting.

Twitter NO WORDS: Meninsts showing off their sense of entitlement that women’s bodies are theirs to look at. It is actually disgusting.

What people fail to realize is that feminism would not even have to exist if society treated women as equals. As a society, we need to realize the phrase “all men are created equal” is not limited to men.

Instead of paying people based on their genitals, we should pay based on the amount of work they do. We should acknowledge that it is the 21st century and that women are just as powerful and influential in all fields.

Instead of supporting women and fighting for equality for all, people have actually made accounts like the meninist account in order to make fun of feminism.

Meninists, as they call themselves, have no clear beliefs other than that feminism is bad. They distorted a twitter trend – the #FeministsAreUgly that was meant to be a joke made by feminists and find ways to make women seem inferior.

Instead of calling out the beliefs, morals, and ideas of feminists, meninists tend to call out their physical appearances.

Meninists or other anti-feminists tend to call out the stereotypical ideals of feminism. They believe that feminists are ugly women or women who believe they are superior.

As a feminist, I am fine with making someone a sandwich. However, the kitchen is not where I belong.

Meninists have been attacking feminists for their stereotypical belief that women are better than men; however, there are much stronger and more powerful reasonings behind feminism.

I need feminism because I should not have to cover up so “men don’t look at me,” and not because I think I am better the men.

Women today do not feel empowered by their gender. They are taught from a young age to cover up or that women are worth less than men.

When I asked my freshman biology class if they were feminists or not, a large group revealed they would not call themselves feminists because they did not like the label.

Over the years, thanks to accounts like the meninist one, the word feminism has received a negative connotation.

Likewise, there are still students who were against equality for all.

An anonymous female says, “I believe women belong in the kitchen.”

Contradicting this is freshman Julianna Palmer who wrote an email to twitter trying to get the account removed.

“The account is disgusting and rude. It’s 2015 and women should not be harassed and disrespected because they believe in equality,” says another freshman Amanda Bruce.

Petitions have been circulating to remove the account, but with no success.

In turn, accounts supporting feminists have popped up all over the twittersphere in an effort to reverse the negativity caused by others.

Instead of encouraging a negative account, let’s turn our attention to the positives and help inspire and protect generations to come.

Do you think the Meninist account should be removed from twitter?


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