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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Schoology Course Code: G8S7-KC4W-H5WJ4

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team is excited to draw the attention of different genders and ethnicities. Their goal is to create a diverse atmosphere with a variety of ideas and perspectives.

First, about the leaders...

In 2021, MTHS added an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program to their list of

extracurriculars. A talented group of individuals including Vansh Sanan, Prem Jani, Ari Nair,

Dhruv Vaidya, and Eric Wong lead the way for this up and coming organization.

Additionally, Ms. Vitalin, an Economics and Personal Finance teacher at MTHS, has fulfilled

the role of senior advisor for this club. Interestingly, Ms. Vitalin has not always been in the

world of teaching. She spent the majority of her career as the leader of a company focused

on transforming the ideas of entrepreneurs into real-life businesses. These experiences will

benefit the club and its members as they discuss real world applications. At the club’s first

interest meeting, Vitalin expressed her excitement for the future of MTHS entrepreneurs: “I

have always dreamed of this school starting an Entrepreneurship club. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with all of you and ultimately help you to achieve your entrepreneurial


Overall breakdown of the organization...

This club can be divided into two major sub-categories: General Membership and Launch

Lab. General Membership is considered the less intensive version of the club, requiring less

time from members and remaining open for whoever is interested in joining. Students who

enroll in General Membership will still have access to highly qualified guest speakers from

many industries along with activities.

On the other hand, Launch Lab requires a rigorous application and interview process,

granting limited memberships to those who are willing to put in the hard work. Launch Lab

is meant for those who are extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and are hoping

to partake in intensive workshops to improve skills necessary in the real world. Ms. Vitalin

reminds students not to be discouraged if they are not accepted into the Launch Lab

program. General Membership is a great way to become familiar with the club and

simulate a Launch Lab experience.

The central goal of the club is to develop a unique environment for collaboration.

Opportunities such as internships, workshops, and guest speakers appearing to discuss a

variety of topics will be offered throughout the year.

This club does not exclude students interested in specific fields such as healthcare,

accounting, or marketing. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club is a great way to

further learning opportunities, improve networking skills, and develop solutions to solve

real-world problems.

Some of the key concepts which this club hopes to hone in on include growth and development.

Looking ahead...

With a strong emphasis on growth and development, The Entrepreneurship and Innovation

team is beyond excited to begin the journey of collectively making a change in the world.

With a strong sense of community, the organization is looking for enthusiasm amongst

peers in hopes of building off of one another’s ideas and ultimately competing at a national

level. This club will give you an advantage over your peers and perhaps open your eyes to

brand new ways of thinking. Join the club, become involved, and put in the effort so that

you can become a leader!

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