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Directioners band together, ‘No Control’ dominates

All singers and bands releases singles in hopes of increasing popularity, social reach, and success. Fans of One Direction have not been pleased with the lack of marketing the band’s management has provided, so the fans decided to take matters into their own hands and release “No Control” as One Direction’s newest single.

With hashtags on Twitter (#ProjectNoControl, #WeWantNoControlAsASingle, and #NoControlDay) spreading like wildfire, a lot of attention was drawn to “No Control.” Directioners even got James Corden (the host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS) to point out Project No Control to Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne during an interview on May 14.

When asked about the project, Tomlinson lit up like a Christmas tree. With a smile from ear to ear, he elaborated on the project, saying, “It [is] pretty incredible actually. They have decided that they are going to do a fan release because this song, ‘No Control,’ was never a single that was chosen by us. So obviously it never went to radio or anything like that….and they love the song…they just want to release it.”

Typically, radio stations only play songs released as singles by popular or on-the-rise artists. Directioners have changed that. Fans have been marketing and requesting “No Control” to popular radio stations such as Z100 New York, Q102 Philadelphia, and Sirius XM Hits One, along with local stations including 92.3 AMP radio.

Since Project No Control began, “No Control” has dominated the Billboard Trending 140 Songs. “No Control” has drastically risen on iTunes charts around the globe, even to the number one spot in a few countries. This is huge considering “No Control” was originally ranked in the 200-400s on most countries’ iTunes charts (including the US’s) before the campaign began.

Directioners declared May 17 “No Control” Day. On this day, fans divided into groups and requested the song to be played on different radio stations, tweeted about the song, played it on websites like YouTube, Spotify, and Shazam, and voted for “No Control” for Billboard’s 2015 song of the summer poll.

Fun fact: “No Control” was not an option on this poll, but there was an Other category. This is the first time that I have heard of the Other category surpassing the specific categories.

In One Direction’s past, Tomlinson rarely had solos. Styles, Payne, and previous band member Zayn Malik usually had the most verses to sing. Recently, however, Tomlinson and Horan have gained more singing time (thank the Lord).

Tomlinson has had a hard time gaining confidence with his voice. If you are a One Direction fan, you may have noticed how his microphone’s volume is often lower than the rest of the band’s. Hopefully, this will change.

Tomlinson’s voice can be heard loud and clear throughout “No Control.” His voice has a higher tone than most artists, and honestly, his voice is my personal favorite within the band.

Through Directioners’ hard work, marketing strategies, and large social reach, “No Control” will continue to top the charts and help One Direction remain the best band on the planet.

Whether you are a 1D fan or not, you must listen to “No Control” and tell us what you think below. Do you love this song?

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