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Cabaret charms and excites once again

Cabaret, which took place in the Commons of MTHS on June 2, 2015 at seven p.m, was an absolute night to remember.

MTHS Footlights Club put on their last show of the school year and the last show for many of our talented seniors. Cabaret consisted of multiple talented students singing songs of their choice from musicals. Ages ranged from freshmen to seniors, and not one disappointed their audience.

Seniors Matt Maiolo, Anne Ballman, Peter Toto, Nicolas Noa, Alison Levier, Cameron Fuller, Jasmine Elshamy, Chaz Restivo, Mia Ingui, Jeffrey Gardner, Megan Hyjack, Anthony Fiordoliso, Katherine Alcala, Jared Theinert, Katie Simone, Amy Williamson, Krystle Danza, and Samantha Anzalone each dazzled the audience by performing multiple songs and leaving jaws dropped.

Each and every performance was memorable in it’s own; however, some stood out more than others:

How the Other Half Lives: Alcala and Simone performed this wonderful duet from “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. Their voices beguiled everyone, and their personalities shone on stage.

You and Me (But Mostly Me): Performed by two comedic members of Footlights Club, Gardner and Elshamy entertained the audience with this hilarious song from the immodest show “The Book of Mormon”. Each of the performers dressed in perfect costume as Mormons from the show.

“Being able to do the song we did was great. The song ‘You and Me (but Mostly Me)’ is from a musical we mutually love, ‘The Book of Mormon’. So learning and it and having fun at the same time was super easy. Being that it was my final performance as a high school student, I was really happy I was able to do it with one of my best friends and with a song that we both love,” said Gardner.

Here I Am: Danza, Toto, Ingui, Theinert, and Hyjack performed this emotional quintet from “Our First Mistake”. The song simply captivated the audience as it was emotive and relating to people, thanking those who were always there for them. This quintet had a special chemistry of friendship on stage that every member of the audience could feel.

Defying Gravity: Danza killed this popular hit from the well-known show “Wicked”. She hit every note amazingly in her own rendition of the song. I bet some could feel Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith in the room.

For Good: Speaking of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith, Ballman and Levier each brought tears and warm hearts to every member of the audience. The two announced that they had been planning to sing this song at Cabaret during their freshman year and were now finally able to do so. This touching song also comes from the musical “Wicked”, and is between Glinda and Elphaba. Levier dressed in an elegant, lacy pink dress as Glinda and Ballman dressed in a simple, yet airy black dress as Elphaba.

“It was very surreal because it’s sort of the beginning of the end in terms of our last few months before we part ways but I’m really happy with the way we performed and I’m just very proud to have performed for the last time with her on such a good note,” said Ballman.

Two Strangers: The final song at Cabaret was excellently performed by Maiolo, Noa, and Toto from the musical “Tales from the Bad Years”. Maiolo was the lead and Toto and Noa backed him up. Maiolo’s profound voice charmed the audience.

The talent that MTHS contains surprises me every day. Our school should be proud of our Footlights Club; and for the seniors, your talent shall grow.

Who’s your favorite Footlights Club performer?

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