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Bobbi Kristina fights for her life as police continue to investigate

by MARIAH THOMPSON Section Editor

The daughter of the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, remains hospitalized after being found face-down in her bathtub in her home outside of Atlanta by a friend on January 31, 2015.

Reports say Brown was found by her friend Maxwell Lomas, 24, who called police at 10:25 a.m.

Lomas’ attorney, Phillip Holloway said, “He immediately pulled her from the water and called 911…He did whatever he could do to assist in resuscitative measures until first responders arrived.”

When the police arrived, they performed CPR on Brown until the medics arrived to take her to the hospital. There, they hooked her up to a ventilator and put her into a medically-induced coma. Brown was first rushed to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, but her family switched her to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Questions arose about Lomas after reports got out that he was arrested and charged with weapons offenses, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of a prescription anxiety medication on January 15, 2015. He pled not guilty to all of the charges; Holloway says that these charges and Brown have no correlation.

The police continue to question him, as well as Brown’s fiancé, Nick Gordon. Gordon shares the house Brown was found in.

Police first said that while Lomas called 911, Gordon performed CPR on Brown until police came. Gordon has not yet released a statement.

Houston took Gordon in as a child and raised him with Brown, but never legally adopted him. Gordon and Brown went public with their relationship shortly after Houston’s death.

On January 9, 2014, Brown tweeted a picture of their wedding rings with a caption that said, “#HappilyMarried. So #InLove. If you didn’t get it the first time that is.”

However, the Brown’s family released a statement saying that the couple was never married, only engaged.

People wonder if the upcoming three-year anniversary of Houston’s death had any part in this incident.

“I think there definitely might be a correlation between what happened with Bobbi Kristina and the anniversary of her mom’s death. Even though it was three years ago, it must be so hard,” sophomore Mya Harris said.

Brown was only 18 when her mother passed and she took it very hard, as would anyone.

On January 26, 2015, she tweeted a selfie with the caption that said, “… miss you mommy…loving you more every sec. #Anniversary!”

Brown was also found eerily similar to her mom was when she passed – face-down in a bathtub. Houston was found with drugs in her system, but investigators still have not found any evidence of drugs in Brown.

An anonymous student said, “The similarities between the way they were both found is crazy, I just hope Bobbi Kristina is okay. It would be terrible to lose her like we lost her mom.”

The Houston and Brown family are also denying many rumors from the media, including the ones saying that family members are coming to say their last goodbyes to Brown. They also are saying that Brown is not brain dead, and that the Houston family is not fighting with Brown’s father, Bobby Brown.

Bobby Brown, who is also Houston’s ex-husband, said, “If we issued a statement every time the media published a false report regarding this matter, that’s all we would be doing 24 hours a day. This is false, just as is the vast majority of the other reporting that is currently taking place.”

Brown’s father’s attorney said they are still investigating what happened to Brown.

What do you think happened to Brown that caused her to be face down in her bath tub?

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