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Bad Seed Rising to the top

by EMILY SZPAK Staff Writer

Upcoming band Bad Seed Rising recently dropped their debut album “Charm City” via iTunes. The album features 5 songs, including their hit single “Hey Kid”.

The band consists of four teens from the Fredrick, MD Let There Be Rock School. Bad Seed Rising features lead vocalist Francheska Pastor, guitarist Mason Gainer, Louey Peraza on bass, and Aiden Marceron on drums.

The road runner album was recorded in Los Angeles under the production of Scott Stevens. Prior to the band’s latest successes, the band has extensively toured with multiple famous musicians such as Daughtry and 3 Doors Down.

“It’s not bad… I could definitely see it being on the radio in the next couple of months,” says junior Mike Rohs while listening to the single “Hey Kid”.

Upon receiving the CD, I decided to take a listen and was pleasantly surprised. I did not know what to expect from a bunch of teens that formed a rock band. Honestly, as someone who does not enjoy rock music, I had exceptionally low expectations for the new CD. However, when I popped it in my car, my negative attitude turned around.

The songs on the album are not a typical heavy metal kind of rock, but more of a laid back rebellious rock. In fact, the songs even seem to have a sort of country feel.

Don’t get me wrong, the album has a rock n’ roll vibe, but the songs are fun and the lyrics have meaning, which caught me off guard.

The album features five songs: “Bad Seed Rising”, “Hey Kid”, “King Kong”, “Timebomb”, and “Wolves At The Door”.

My personal favorite from the album was “Hey Kid”, which was also the song they chose to drop as their single. The rebellious attitude of the CD somewhat reminds me of a 90s rock album.

There has been some dispute between opinions saying that Bad Seed Rising should not even be classified as a rock band, and that they are not taking enough risk. The band appears to be trying to hard for that “bad” look, and it is not for them. I think the record company is really trying to target younger audiences by keeping it clean and upbeat. Perhaps the band should drop the act and focus more on that aspect of their music, rather than trying to fake an image they do not have.

“I feel like they’re just trying to make another garage band famous by throwing them in a big city and handing them expensive equipment. I don’t think this one will last for the group,” says junior Casey Sheida.

All in all, however, the songs are good. The album is the kind of music that every young person could listen to on the radio. I can envision one of their songs becoming a generic/overplayed hit, which is what they should be focusing on right now to get their name out there.

I wish all the best of luck to the aspiring group, and will hopefully we will be hearing more from you in the future.

Give “Bad Seed Rising” a listen! What do you think about the album?

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