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A trend from the heart: Alex and Ani bracelets

by ALISON LEVIER Section Editor

The newest trend in jewelry, Alex and Ani bracelets, can be seen on the wrists of girls around school, and grown adults alike. These bracelets are not only fashionable and beautiful, but they come from a place in the designer’s heart that is totally incomparable to most other jewelry companies on the market.

Carolyn Rafaelian, the creator and designer of the company, grew up surrounded by a loving family full of jewelers, and from a young age was fascinated with jewelry design and jewelry making, so she became her father’s apprentice. Years later, her father could not believe the success that had come from his own daughter’s imagination.

Alex and Ani bracelets are a symbol of positive energy, creativity, and individuality, as was the original concept for the brand. These bracelets are made from totally recycled material, and made by hand in Rhode Island, demonstrating how close to home this company actually is.

One of the most innovative traits of these bracelets is its ability to fit any wrist, any shape or size. The bracelets are designed to be expandable by just lightly pulling them outward. If necessary, they can be sized down about two inches in diameter, and sized up about 3.5 inches in diameter. Anyone can wear them without having to go through an extra process of getting extra material added, costing buyers extra money.

My personal favorite part of the bracelets is their meaning. Every Alex and Ani bracelet comes with a special card, telling the wearer what the inspiration behind the bracelet was, and what the bracelet is intended to grant to the wearer. There are three main adjectives to describe the design, and then a beautiful, eloquently written full description on the opposite side.

For example, the popular “Path of Life” charm represents “Strength, Motivation and Knowledge” and is “emblematic of life’s zenith and nadir moments, the Path of Life is representative of an infinite number of possibilities and expressions of love. Illustrating life’s twists, turns, and unexpected winds, wear the Path of Life Charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness to travel towards life’s fruitful moments.”

“I love that there’s a symbol for almost anything in your life that is special to you. I really like that, so whenever I get a new one it’s very special to me because it means a lot,” says sophomore Alexandria Quigley.

There are hundred of bangles to choose from, and no two people have exactly the same collection. It is fun and inspiring to share with friends which ones you have, and maybe get an idea of which ones you would want next.

Alex and Ani bracelets are perfect gifts for loved ones, and a great thing to keep in mind with Mother’s Day coming up. There is the “Because I Love You” collection of bracelets, which include charms for aunts, mothers, grandmothers, and even godmothers. They are affordable enough to buy for all your loved ones, and special enough to create the perfect gift that everyone will love.

“They’re great for everyone. It’s not one of those things that is only for teenage girls, the target demographic seems to be all ages, which is really cool,” says sophomore Gianna Vassallo.

There are stores all over the place that carry Alex and Ani bracelets, or the bracelets are available for purchase on the Alex and Ani website. While there, you can also check out inspiring daily quotes, opportunities to contribute to a wide variety of charities, or just browse through all the beautiful bracelets.

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