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250 dollars for a compliment

Many students in high school are self-conscious about the clothes they wear in hopes of fitting in. However, the fascination with overpriced footwear by popular basketball players is a waste of money.

A select group consider themselves to be “sneakerheads.” By definition, the term refers to sneaker enthusiasts. The subculture originated in the late 1980s, and the community has only grown since then.

Since the industry has so many followers, shoe stores understand that they can get away with selling expensive sneakers. The most well-known sneaker company, in terms of basketball shoes, is Air Jordan. Most Jordans are upwards of $100, but aren’t best sellers. When it comes to Jordans, sneakerheads look for the “Retro” series.

Known for their exclusivity, these sneakers have their own designs depending on what retro number they are, ranging from 1-31. To be able to purchase these shoes, a raffle ticket has to be pulled with the customer’s name, which is created when an employee is asked. This means that two trips are necessary to purchase these shoes, and there is a chance that your name may not be pulled.

One of the least appealing aspects of shoe shopping is that sneakers do not last forever. Sneakers will wear out over time, and protecting footwear from the environmental damage in nearly impossible. White is especially hard to keep safe from weather or litter.

Freshman Dan Doss says, “They are a complete waste of money because they are made out of the same materials as cheaper shoes, but cost more for brand names.”

One of the worst aspects of the sneaker market is scalpers. These low-lifes buy expensive sneakers to sell online for a higher price. However, when sneakers have such a limited quantity and are in high demand, someone is guaranteed to buy them.

The thought of buying sneakers for a ridiculously high price is inconceivable. The most expensive pair of shoes ever sold were worn by Michael Jordan, and sold for $104k. With that money, you could buy a car, pay for college tuition, or get a condo.

Freshman Sal Ruggeri says, “Basketball sneakers are so expensive these days. Sometimes I just don’t understand how other people don’t realize that they’re totally being ripped off.”

Shoe shopping is just like buying a car. Once you wear your pair, the value decreases drastically. Of course, you could sell them online, but if there is even a single tiny smudge in the bottom left corner, do not think you will get anywhere near the price you paid originally.

High schoolers believe that having nice sneakers helps them stand out. This idea may be true, but only true for one day. Trends are always going in and out of style. One day you could be the talk of the school, and the next day you could be ridiculed for the ridiculous design of your sneakers.

Sneakers are not a good investment. Unless they are shelved and dusted everyday, there is no way to keep them in suitable condition for a sneakerhead. Sneakers are way too pricey and aren’t worth the money if they only last a year or two.

Why would the obsessive community, steep price, and short time in the spotlight appeal to some?

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